Shocking! I Work In A Company That Pays Me 12k Per Month, Just To Find Out That My Wife Owns It

Shocking! I Work In A Company That Pays Me 12k Per Month, Just To Find Out That My Wife Owns It

Leaving in Port Harcourt isn’t really an easy thing, the high cost of leaving, the everyday strive to make ends meet and lack of job opportunities. You certainly would live from hand to mouth if you aren’t financially stable.

I was, before. When I was a stock manager at Elite construction company. Things were rosy then with my mouth watering salary – about 200 thousand naira a month-. I spent extravagantly, and without caution because I thought the money would keep coming.

I married a wife and together we had 3 children, I bought a car, and a land. I had plans of building my own house soon

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They say when things get so good, expect them to go bad. Firstly I got sacked – the company said they needed to let go of some workers due to lack of contracts and I was shortlisted to go.

Then Disaster struck, my Mom at home fell critically ill and needed urgent medical attention. It was a matter of life or death. Having lost my Dad and my sibling earlier on I wasn’t going to let my mom go.

The doctors said they had to operate on her and that they needed 4 million naira for the surgery. I did all I could to save my moms life. I borrowed from far and wide I even asked my wife whom I had helped establish a business of her own. I had invested over 5 million naira in her salon business but she kept saying things weren’t moving fine and that she was sending money to her family.

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She said she’d have to close down the shop to raise 1.5 million which I agreed to saying all will be well. I sold my land too to make up the stipulated 4 million naira. I paid for the surgery and my mother survived all thanks be to God.

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Things got drastically sour when my creditors grew tired of my incessant pleas. I had to sell my car to get them off my neck. I now had no job, no source of income and had to move into a smaller apartment. My wife went out in the morning and at night she came back with little money for us to feed with. When asked, she said she goes about making peoples hair and I thanked God for the God-given talent he had given her.

After a while my wife turned on me and changed into a nagging mother. She kept telling me to go out and make money. She offered to connect me to a pure water factory which she claimed to know the owner.

I accepted and started working there, the pay was low (12k) but I had to make ends meet. At least I was contributing something.

I worked there for 10 months and all this while I never got to meet the owner of the factory, payments and other managerial issues were carried out through a phone or sometimes a representative. It was said that our “Oga stays outside the country”.

I had believed this until the day there was an issue in the factory. Someone had seen the legs of a cockroach inside our product. All hell broke loose and the police were involved. We were all arrested and loaded into a van. And a search was been made for the owner of the factory.

NAFDAC officials accompanied us as we were taken to the station. Calls were put through and an arrest was made. Few minutes after I saw my wife been brought in.

I wanted to yell and scream, to tell them at the top of my voice that she had nothing to do with it and that it was against human right. The next words I heard closed my mouth.

“We’ve caught the owner sir”

“Is she the owner of the factory?” The DPO asked

“Affirmative sir, she was caught trying to leave town with her two kids”

My wife couldn’t look me in the eye, she kept looking at the ceiling.

I don’t know what to think or do, I’m still in my cell trying to wrap my head around this.

If you were in my shoes, what would you do?



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