Threat on Buhari: President Not Aware Of Terrorist Threat To Kidnap Him – El-rufai

El-rufai running mate
Gov. El-Rufai

by Bandits 

, the governor of Kaduna State, claims that he was the one who informed of the militants’ threat to kidnap him.

The militants who kidnapped some passengers from an Abuja-Kaduna train in March uploaded a video of them being flogged over the weekend.Threat on Buhari, Terrorists Threaten to Kidnap

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They then declared that if their demands were not satisfied, they would kidnap Buhari and El-Rufai.

On Wednesday, July 27, El-Rufai addressed the threat while speaking on a radio program.

He admitted that he has been pushing for the bombing of terrorist camps wherever they may be for the past five years, claiming that this is the only way to solve the issue.

“I also heard about a video where they threatened to kidnap me and Buhari,” he added.

My families and I have also been warned to exercise caution. How can some terrorists threaten to kidnap the president in a nation with soldiers, police, and a Federal Government?

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“If before those in government thought this was a joke and saw it as just occurring in Katsina, Zamfara, Kaduna, and Niger, it is now happening at home and we must rise up to deal with these people.

Threat on Buhari

“I visited with the president on Sunday and discussed these issues with him because of this.

“I also informed him of the video since, up until that point, he was completely unaware.

I informed him, and the governor of Zamfara state, , later confirmed to him that he had also seen the video.

The president assured me that he met with the service chiefs three to four days prior to our meeting and that he gave them a clear order to conduct a thorough military operation to deal with those individuals.


We pray that the military and police who were given the orders will move quickly to complete the task. We don’t need to wait for them (terrorists) to attack before we act.

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“Wherever they are, they (the army) must pursue them and deal with them.

We genuinely worry about the security situation, but we also have faith that the federal government will act responsibly.

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