Several Escaped Inmates From Kuje Prison Attack Recaptured [VIDEO]

Kuje Prison Attack

Several escaped Inmates from Kuje Prison Attack recaptured [VIDEO]

Several prisoners who escaped during a terrorist attack on Kuje Prison have been successfully recaptured by the Nigerian Correctional Services, or NCS.

After gunmen believed to be Ansaru terrorists raided the institution on Tuesday night with bombs and heavy gunfire, hundreds of prisoners managed to escape.

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Speaking on the subject, Bashir Magashi, the defense minister, disclosed that every Boko Haram prisoner within the facility had escaped. The Minister told reporters after touring the facility to assess its condition that the attack began around 10:30 p.m. with a lot of gunfire and explosions.

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Kuje Prison

In addition to releasing some of the prisoners who are now at large, he claimed they came in huge numbers, broke inside the prison, and were later recaptured.

“We will provide you the accurate number of prisoners that were taken very soon. In addition, we are looking into our options to make sure that all escapees are brought back.

“The prison houses roughly 994 inmates; over 600 of them have fled, and many of them have been apprehended and returned to the prison.

“Perhaps more will have been captured and brought back by the end of the day.

“I feel that everything is in order, and based on the records, we believe that the individuals that arrived to carry out this activity are members of a specific group.

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“We have a sizable number of Boko Haram suspects in detention, and at this time we cannot locate any of them,” the official said. “Most likely, they are Boko Haram members.”

Here is a video showing the recaptured prisoners being brought back to the facility;

That is the today on Kuje Prison 


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