Set Date for National Convention Now, Group Tell Buni, calls for his Sack immediately


Set Date for National Convention Now, Group Tell Buni, calls for his Sack immediately


We will resist attempts to perpetuate the Caretaker Committee in Office

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Many would have not believed that the current caretaker committee of the APC led by Gov. Mai Buni of Yobe State would still be in existence after it was constituted in June 2020 to organize a tentative National convention that would resolve the leadership squabbles within the APC, all with the aim to restore a fully democratized internal leadership framework within the party.

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Despite calls by the All Progressives Congress Governors Forum (PGF) to roll out a date for a National Convention and possibly a National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting, the Buni led Caretaker/Extraordinary Planning Committee (CECPC) has surreptitiously obtained another 6 months extension on their tenure from the Presidency on the 25th of June 2021, making this caretaker committee, an aberration in itself, stay in office illegitimately for a year and half

The illegality of the prolonged existence of this caretaker committee breaches public trust and the Constitution of the All Progressive Congress Party, hence the call to every concerned individual, group, and stakeholders that an extension of the Buni-led caretaker committee tenure is unacceptable, and a date for the National Convention should be announced immediately.

It is observed that Gov. Buni seeks to play on public emotions and sympathy by using the series of defections facilitated from the opposition party as an alibi to perpetuate himself in office, ignoring the legal conundrum that his continued stay in office might cause the party. For instance, not a few legal luminaries believe that the Caretaker Committee lacks powers to conduct primaries – a legal booby trap for the APC in the case of the Anambra gubernatorial primaries.

The fact that the All Progressives Congress (APC) is without a democratically elected Chairman and National Working Committee (NWC) for over a year makes a mockery of our position as a ruling party, questions our adherence to the rule of law, and makes us a laughing stock globally.

How can Africa’s largest political party be run by a caretaker committee which implicates itself in its legality of purpose and morality of existence? A pronouncement lately made by the Supreme Court stated that they found the leadership of our party as “irresponsible and reckless”, owing to the fact that a political party could not possibly contravene its constitution by having a Governor serving as a party interim leader at the same time.

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Some politically related legal cases also hinge on this weakness in our party’s structure to question the legality of a candidate as not being duly signed by the rightful Chairman of their party, because by law APC currently has none.

There is a strong impression heating the polity currently which can be confirmed by every well-meaning Nigerian and party members. A Notable APC leader from the North Central who begs anonymity believes that Gov. Buni’s “Giant Strides” is slowly endearing him to many party members whilst shadowing the propensity and influence of the President and true Leader of The All Progressives Congress, President Muhammadu Buhari.

Many would have normally ignored these claims as normal hearsays and attempts to discredit Gov Buni and his Caretaker committee, but strong speculations and suggestions point to the fact that if Gov. Buni’s extra six months extension concludes by the end of December 2021, he would make another smart attempt to play on the intelligence, sincerity and favours of the Presidency in seeking more continuity for his committee.

This can be highly regarded as an utter insult to our sensibilities as party men and a disgrace to our intelligence. We must see the signs written on the walls and perceive the hijack to our political ideology of inclusiveness and democratization. APC will be truly repositioned and our winnings consolidated for a greater future if a date for the National Convention is speedily announced and the Gov. Buni l-Led Caretaker Committee is dissolved.

As we speak, no nomination and interest form are presently on sale for the congresses, therefore informing Mr President of a supposed commencement of congresses this July, whereas nothing is on the ground to justify that claim can be best be described as a fallacy, in its entirety.


Let’s build a stronger party with sincere hearts and a mindset. Thanks and God Bless APC.


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