Senator Uba Sani’s Alleged S*x Video Surfaces Online (VIDEO)

Senator Uba Sani's Alleged Sex Video Surfaces Online

A Twitter user has released an alleged sex video of Senator Uba Sani on social media. Internet users have unveiled the identity of the unknown lady in the senator’s alleged sex video, they claim it is Maryam Booth, a popular Kannywood actress.

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The Senator representing Kaduna central has been fingered in an alleged sex video which has been leaked on Twitter

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Uba Sani was reportedly seen walking out of the bathroom completely stripped to his birthday suit after having sexual relations with an unknown lady.

Knowing northern lawmakers are involved in the enactment of Sharia laws which frowns at such behaviour, Nigerians have come out in their numbers to lambast the lawmaker on Twitter.


Why do Northern Muslims religiously defend the wrongs of their leaders? Is hypocrisy the religion in the North? How can you say the private life of Uba Sani is no ones business when the same persons are the ones promoting Sharia laws to regulate the private lives of others??

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Dear Notherners and hisbah police, will now amputate Sen Uba Sani’s hand….or would you rather he was castrated?

Oh, I almost forgot! He is above your law..
Yes, all the rich, like Sen Uba Sani, are above the law.


Many naked and porn tapes of politicians have been leaked, and these people are those making the laws but still in the forefront to break the laws, what a confused country

MT (@abdulmt99) February 5, 2020

You can’t bash Rahma Sadau for immoral dressing and then try to defend Sen. Uba Sani for committing adultery. That is the highest stage of hypocrisy


Uba Sani in the mud… Those people giving them shariah rules that forbid immoral acts are the ones stealing, fornicating and so on.. God created us to use our brain


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