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Senator Ovie Omo-Agege’s Court victories: Lessons For Future Litigants



Ovie Omo-Agege Gives Aides 24hours to respond over a deceitful post on Facebook

Learning is endless and I am fully convinced those whom have sued the People’s Senator must have learnt their lessons. Cases upon cases but the Lord God handled and still handling them all.

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Many who love to go to court because of the senator will now think twice before going! Because God doesn’t forsake his.The emotional torture is another painful aspect of it . Choose peace! And you will be peaceful at heart too.

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One thing is destiny ! Another thing is living your destiny! Senator Ovie Omo-Agege is living his God ordained destiny. It is only unprogressive minds that will be fighting and losing and won’t caution themselves that OLUWA IS INVOLVED and reconcile themselves directly or indirectly.

For those in the APC family, you can’t claim you love and cherish your dear party APC when you keep fighting your party man who contested and won on your party’s platform. You should be glad that you have elected official in the person of the Working Senator Ovie Omo Agege.

When you keep being a stumbling block and you constantly lose , it calls for sober reflection and actions corrected.

It is only a person who places him or her self in a position for genuine reconciliation and truly wants reconciliation that will be reconciled. One can still reconcile him or herself directly or indirectly. The party is not for political merchants but for political progressive minded fellows who strongly and dearly believe in the victories of the party at all time .

I’m just considering the level of psychological factors attached to this present victory at the court and the fine of three hundred thousand naira each for the melemeles… It can be very painful but would have been painless if teammates.

I have carefully analyzed the person of the working Senator Ovie Omo Agege and I can tell convincingly judging from all he passed through politically in the last two years that SENATOR OVIE OMO AGEGE IS GOD’S BELOVED SENATOR IN WHOM HE IS WELL PLEASED FOR DELTA CENTRAL, DELTA AND NIGERIA. GOD’S GRACE AND BACKING JUST TOO SUFFICIENT FOR HIM.

The fact that he is a senator and Deputy Senate President today and all he will be tomorrow are all ordained by Jehovah God the Agbradagbrururu! The Ovie ru ni Vie!

It is progressive minded when anybody who wins is supported to succeeding after elections and not trying to constantly being a stumbling block.

The position of the senate for Delta Central is meant for one person not two or more at a time . For now, it is meant for only Senator Ovie Omo Agege all by God’s grace and through the cooperation of Urhobos at the polls.

Naturally, I am a lover of senator Ovie Omo Agege and his political doggedness resulting in putting smiles on the faces of his people.

Please, I want to dearly and strongly appeal to all to support massively senator Ovie Omo Agege! He means well for us all . learn to love and support him and you will
See the results positively .

Finally, don’t allow anyone to instigate you against the personality of the peoples senator. In politics try to be relevant at all time by following the trend .When a supposed good politician picks offences and decides to sit on the fence, I tell you , the political records/fame will begin to wane!

Make peace with everyone and always toll the line of peace !

Long Live Senator Ovie Omo-Agege
Long Live Delta Central
Long live Delta State
Long live Nigeria.

I’m Omo Onoge Victor Esivwenoja
Writing from Okpe LGA of Delta state.

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