The Urhobo Nation for far too long did suffered an abysmal political fate in the scheme of things at the National level of the Nigerian Union, this no doubt had its bearing on the fact that while other ethnic nationalities within same region have top political figures often referred to as “Elder Statesmen” or “National Leaders” with the capacity to articulate the position and yearnings of their people, Urhobo Nation only experienced a drought in this regards over the years.

Yes, we excelled in business, academics and professional careers, we produced some of the wealthiest businessmen in the country and equally some of the best minds in various industries; we had and still do have Professors, top banking executives, legal luminaries, Oil magnates, highly skilled medical practitioners just to mention a few, but we failed repeatedly to unite our people for a “greater political relevance” within the Nigerian Union.

Far-gone were those days when the Urhobo man decides “who takes what” in his political zone like it was in the old Mid-West Region. Though we have kept on producing representatives at the national level every election year but the resultant effects of such representation had been one far below average. Our representatives did not really help our dwindling political fortunes as their alarmingly docile representation advertently necessitated the need by our people to change them at the polls every election year even though some end up forcing their way through, but in the act of this somewhat unwritten codes of “rotational policy” seemingly operated by us lies the main factor of our political quagmire.

From 1999 till date, while the people of Delta south have had just two (2) Senators in the space of 18yrs, Delta Central being the Home of the Urhobo People has produced six (6) Senators (excluding Chief Amori who was never a Senator Legally) in the same period. Although one can easily argue that it was necessary to replace the majority of those Senators at the time as some of them had no business whatsoever being Legislators in the first place, but on the flip side of the coin; this rotation of Senators only ensured we produce neophytes who can hardly fit into the type of National Political Figures needed to drastically utter our political misfortunes within their short stay in the Senate.

No doubt, a football coach feels the need to make changes to his squad and act on it when the performances of his players aren’t as good enough but who changes a winning team?

From all indications, it is safe to say that Urhobo Nation as of today is beginning to experience a new wave of leadership with the kind of quality and effective representation by Senator Ovie Omo-Agege and his first class team at the red chambers of the Nation’s National Assembly.

It is no longer news that in the last 2yrs plus that the soft spoken yet cerebrally sound Barrister has held sway as our Senator, the minimum acceptable standard of leadership within Urhobo land has been redefined with the bar raised. Irrespective of the near complete failures of virtually all other Urhobo representatives at the Green chambers, we as “Urhobo People” have had cause to raise our heads high and be proud about our “Urhoboness” as the man fondly called “The People’s Senator” keeps commanding such a National Political clout hitherto never known to us.

Senator Ovie Omo-Agege have not only excelled in his primary duty as a Legislator which have endeared him to the hearts of his colleagues, making him a preferred choice shopped for by the various Senate Committees but have by far outperformed his predecessors in many areas. From intellectually thought out Bills to influenced Federal Projects such as Road Constructions, Water Projects, Healthcare facilities to mention a few, Senator Ovie Omo-Agegde has shown real commitment to restoring the lost glory of our land.

Only recently, the Senator rounded up a first of its kind empowerment program whose beneficiaries were strictly all non-political party members. Understanding that truly power resides with the people having experienced this incontrovertible fact in his election in 2015, the Senator decided to take his constituency empowerment to petty traders who can make an effective use of the cash benefit, multiply same and gradually afford to lift themselves out of poverty.

As the 2019 General elections draw closer, it is not unusual to see alignment and realignment amongst top political players and their supporters whom are often times the foot soldiers used to spread the political gospel of their principals, some are already beginning to make moves aiming at the Senate position but are we really ready to change our winning team headed by Senator Ovie Omo-Agege? Are we ready to lose all the national political relationships which came to being based on the sterling profile of the astute Lawmaker? Are we ready to burn down the bridges built within these years of fine representation with a promising future for us all? Are we ready to return Urhobo Nation back to its dark ages of misrepresentation? Chiefly of all, are we ready to deny Urhobo Nation the concrete possibility of a Principal Office in the Senate come 2019?

Of course, you will agree with me that doing so smacks of stupidity and a cursed desire to remain at the bottom where political irrelevance reigns in its highest and purest form, therefore if we fail to hold on to what is good and fight for the best within the premise of an already exceptional representation, posterity will never forgive us!

If you ask me, I think it is about time that Urhobo Nation becomes more strategic in its political permutations than allow emotions cloud our sense of judgment. We must not fail to see the bigger picture which holds a greater unlimited good for us all collectively. For me, I believe 2019 presents us a golden opportunity to further rewrite our history politically in the positives because Urhobo Nation is at a Threshold of Greatness like never before. The choices we make going forward are indeed very critical to our attainment of this political revolution which is about to shake the very foundation of our political misfortune turning it into a National Testimony of Pride!

I am Ikpan Samuel Aaron!


I am proudly an Urhobo Son with an uncompromising support for my Senator because never has Urhobo Nation had it this good at either chambers of the National Assembly.



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