Senator Bukula Saraki has Turned himself to the Emperor of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


The decision to suspend Senator Omo-Agege is the most egregious harm done to the institution. By this action the senate has dressed itself in antidemocratic paraphernalia. Now let us go through their process.

  1. What was his offense?
  2. Was his offense criminal?
  3. What does the senate standing rules say about the punishment for his alleged offense

4 Does the ethics committee have a right to impose a punishment on a fellow senator or recommend one.

  1. Does the Senate President have the right to unilaterally amend the recommendations of the ethics committee?

6 Does the senate have the right to disenfranchise Senator Omo Agege constituency without the whole senate voting on this crucial issue.

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7 Do the Senators know that the presiding officer who is the Senate President has equal vote like them?

  1. Does the Senate rules prohibit freedom of association?

9 Do the Senators know that this actions taken in their name will be in the records and records will show there was no debate and no vote on this crucial issue.

There are more questions but this few will suffice for now.
The Senate which is supposed to be the engine room of our democracy has been turned into an asylum of anti democratic behavior. The senate has no right to deprive the people their representation. This is worst than dictatorship. The Urhobos must speak up. They are the only people who voted for him. The Senate as a body has truncate their mandate.

Prince Christopher Akpojotor Agaga.



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