Senate Declares War Against President Mohammadu Buhari.


By Onoriode Abulu.

The Nigerian , today declared open war against the Presidency, as they suspend Sen. Ovie Omo-Agege, the Secretary of the Pro Buhari Legislative forum and ordered the disbandment of the forum.

In just days after the President travelled to Britain, the Leadership of the Senate, executes what seems like a palace coupe, as they moved to suspend the Champion of Buhari’s Second tenure bid, Senator Ovie Omo-Agege, representing Delta Central Senatorial District.

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Senator Ovie Omo-Agege Suspended for 90 Legislative days

It will be recalled that the Senate recently tried to reorder the order of elections, with that of the legislators coming first, before that of the president, as against the usual way of the Presidency and NASS being on same day. This development did not go down well with some of the Pro Buhari Legislators, who disagreed with the reordering and spoke strongly against it.

Senator Ovie Omo-Agege, one of the key Pro Buhari Senators, specifically spoke out, complaining that he’s not comfortable with the new arrangements of the election order being proposed by the Senate. Though he expressed his personal opinion, he complained that the new order may not go down well with the president and that might make it look like a deliberate act, targeted at the President. This statement angered some members of the Senate, who believe he was not supposed to make that statement, since it could be misconstrued and was capable of pitching the Presidency against them.

Senator Dino Melaye, a Senator from Kogi State who is presently undergoing recall process from his constituency, and has since been declared wanted by the police, presently on the run, for criminal charges against him in Nigeria, prior to his arrest before jumping bail, raised a motion that Senator Omo-Agege’s comment be investigated and punished. This motion was later referred to the Senate Committee on Ethics. This house later asked the Senator to apologise to the house and the mater should be allowed to rest. Sen. Omo-Agege apologised and the matter was laid to rest. Later as the Deputy Senate president started facing charges of false declaration of assets and Dino facing criminal charges, the leadership of the house, feeling that the Presidency is trying to deal with those of them fighting President Buhari, decided to hit back at the Pro Buhari Senators. Thus, they reawakened the already “laid to rest” investigation of Sen. Omo-Agege’s comment. Seeing that the leadership of the Senator was trying to witch hunt the Pro Buhari Senators, Sen. Omo-Agege quickly too the Senate to court, to seek a restraining order, barring the Senate from suspending him. The hearing of the interlocutory injunction is billed for tomorrow Friday April 13Th, at the Federal High Court Abuja. Knowing very well that the injunction would be granted, the Senate rushed to suspend him today Thursday before the hearing of the injunction suit.

Apart from suspending him, they asked him to withdraw the suit he filed against the Senate and they also ordered that the Pro Buhari Legislators forum be proscribed from the Senate. A move that was described as a full scale declaration of war on the Presidency, according to some persons interviewed about the development.

On sampling public opinion around Delta State, our crew gathered that the development was received with indignation and fury, across the length and breath of Delta State. The People of Delta Central are saying they won’t accept this act of robbing them of their right to able representation.

According to Chief Emmanuel Atori, a prominent Chief in Warri, he said, “this is the first time that Delta Central is getting a capable and people oriented Senator and now the cabals, of PDP want to deprive us of our rights, they lie, we would fight them with our last blood. The Urhobo Nation will take the Senate Leadership to court, they have no moral right to do this”

In another development, a community leader from Ethiope West who was interviewed on account of anonymity, told our correspondent that this whole thing is the handwork of Chief James Ibori and his PDP cabals who are trying to hijack the APC structure to ensure he controls both the APC and PDP, but unfortunately Sen. Omo-Agege would not allow him and his cohorts, they believe the Senator draws his strength from the green chamber, so the only way to stop him is to move for his suspension, which they believe would demoralise him. “U remember the
news was all over recently, about his plot to use the Senate leadership which he James Ibori installed to achieve this evil plot’ he said.

From all indications, the Urhobo People of Delta Central are not going to accept this injustice and deprivation meted on them by the Senate, and they have vowed to take the matter up with the Senate, in a court of law.



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