I can’t quiet any longer, it gives me concern and breaks my heart. Nature will not forgive me if this is not brought to your notice, and the entire world to know about it, since it via this Social media that I can inform you.

Sir, I have heard of all the good good thing that you have done. I was told that you empower women with different categories of , but you refused to empower women from your own mother’s town (Aghalokpe Town).

Sir, I heard that you said you will not empower any man or woman from your mother town. I also heard you say they did not vote for you. Even if they did not vote for you, so you want to pay evil with evil? I know you are bigger than this.

Do you know is not their fault for failing to vote for you?   Do you remember that Senator election was combined with president election? And the majority of the women cannot read to different between APC and Labor party.

Could you remember that in 2015 everyone was calling for change as such, they wanted to vote for you as a senator, but because the Agha (broom) is easy to identify than labour party symbol.

If truly they did not vote for you,  is that a good reason for you to treat them as such?

With due respect, my senator, when last did you visit the Aghalokpe town to see for yourself how undeveloped and decayed the village has become. The women are suffering and they need your recession package for them to ease their pains.

My Senator you must let go of all the wrong you felt they have done to you and empower them for the sake of God.

I Remain forever


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