drops video for ‘Calm Down’ remix featuring

After the release of Nigerian Afrobeats sensation Rema’s debut studio album, , in March, Selena Gomez gave “Calm Down” her full endorsement by remixing the song in late August.

In addition, a brand new visual treatment for the track, Gomez redux was just released today.

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Although it is not a direct remake, the new music video adheres to the same colour scheme and general aesthetic as the one that accompanied the original song.

It features Rema and Selena gliding through a series of stylish outfit changes while performing in a variety of rooms that have been tastefully decorated.

They have a flirtatious chemistry together, but their dance is more laid-back, which lends the video a laid-back vibe that works really well with the tune.

It just so happens that “Calm Down” is the most recent tune from Rema’s most recent project to be reworked in the past few months.

Since the release of Rave & Roses, he has also made available two official remixes of the track “Soundgasm,” the first of which was created by DJ Yo! and Max Wallin’ and the second of which was created by Puri and The Plugz Europe.

Watch the Video here…

Back in May, he also worked on a track with a singer named Gerilson Insrael who is based in Lisbon. The track was titled “Dance.”

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On the reworked version of “Calm Down,” Selena Gomez appears alongside Rema.

Since the release of Selena Gomez album Rare in 2020 and her debut in the Spanish language with the Revelación EP in March 2021, which included the DJ Snake collaboration “Selfish Love,” Gomez has been releasing new music at a rate that is sluggish but consistent.

Gomez has collaborated with Camilo and Coldplay over the course of the previous 18 months to release tracks.


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After the decision of the Supreme Court to reverse a half century of reproductive rights progress by overturning Roe v. Wade was leaked a month early, she was one of 160 high-profile female artists to support the #BansOffOurBodies campaign in May.

Other artists who supported the campaign included Billie Eilish, Megan Thee Stallion, Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Olivia Rodrigo, and Halsey.

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