See Woman almost flushed her baby in toilet when she delivered

Woman almost flushed her baby
Woman who almost flushed her baby

Woman almost flushed her baby

When a woman was going to flush the toilet after using it, she noticed a baby’s hand inside the bowl and realised she was pregnant.

Lalene Malik, 23, was transported to Northwick Park Hospital in Harrow, London, by her family on March 26 after complaining of a severe stomach ache at her home in Greenford, west London.

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The 23-year-old said she had been on the contraceptive pill five months prior and had tested negative for pregnancy twice in February 2022.

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As a result, she assumed the stomach ache was due to constipation.

When the pain grew severe, she was transported to the hospital. Lalene went to the hospital bathroom while waiting to be seen, and her mother, Sumra, heard her weeping in pain while using the toilet and informed doctors.

Woman almost flushed her baby
Woman who almost flushed her baby

Lalene noticed a small arm in the toilet bowl just as she was going to flush after using it.

Her infant could have been locked in the toilet bowl for up to seven minutes before being rescued by medics, she says.

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“I was gone,” the new mother explained. My mind had gone blank. I was sent to a different room because I was crying and my mother was crying.

“For both of us, it was a complete shock and trauma, and I felt like my life was in jeopardy.”

“(My mother) began to cry and asked, ‘Don’t you realise you have a baby?’ I became pale after that.”

The youngster “looked lifeless” and was not breathing, according to the doctors who recovered him. Efforts to resuscitate the patient, however, were successful.

Woman almost flushed her baby
Woman who almost flushed her baby

Mohammed Ibrahim was born full-term and is now healthy after receiving oxygen and being closely checked by hospital personnel.

Dr. Ewa Grocholski, an A&E registrar at the London hospital, said it was the “most amazing experience” of her medical career to assist save Ibrahim by giving him chest compressions after he was pulled from the bowl.

“Fortunately, we caught it in time,” she remarked. I’ve never witnessed (a baby’s birth) in such a setting.

“I’ve seen young ladies like Lalene before coming to A&E not knowing they’re pregnant and delivering in the A&E department, but it was always in a more safe place.”

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Approximately one in every 2,500 pregnant women is unaware that she is pregnant until she gives birth.

Ms Malik described her son as a “miracle” child, but she accused her family doctor at Elm Trees Surgery in Greenford of failing to properly perform tests that could have indicated she was expecting.


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