See why NYSC Gombe decamps corps member


NYSC Gombe decamps corps member

Gombe NYSC decamps corps member wearing skirt and more details are emerging about why the corps member wearing the National Youth Service Corps uniform with a skirt was asked to leave the Amada Temporary Orientation Camp in Gombe State’s Akko Local Government Area.

Remember that Corps members attending the necessary three-week orientation training must wear a crested white vest or a plain white vest with khaki trousers or shorts, regardless of gender.

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According to a press statement acquired by our correspondent from Margaret Dakama, the Head of Public Relations Unit in Gombe NYSC, the Corps has emphasised its approved uniform, emphasising that anybody seen defacing the uniform will face sanctions.

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The penalty for wearing an illegal uniform after being warned is to be decamped, according to Dakama.


She went on to say that as a corps member, the individual in issue will be monitored in her Place of Primary Assignment in the future.

Decamped, on the other hand, merely implies being requested to leave the camp but preserving your Corps status.

“Our attention has been drawn to pictures and videos trending on social media of a corps member wearing a skirt, said to be decamped from NYSC Orientation Camp Amada, Gombe State,” she stated.

“Shorts, belt, khaki jacket, khaki trouser, jungle boots, tennis shoes, crested vest, and white T-shirt are issued to every Corps member, and they are expected to wear them for the duration of the service year.”

“It is thus illegal to alter the Uniform in any way other than the one issued by Management.”

“Failure to wear the uniform provided for any particular activity penalty; The Corps member should be informed to go and wear the uniform, failing which he will be decamped,” according to the National Youth Service Corps Bye-laws reissued in the year 2000 Schedule 2, section 1 sub-section (I).

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The yet-to-be-identified Corps member refused to wear the right uniform despite officials’ warnings, according to Gombe NYSC, who added that they were waiting for a decision from the headquarters.

“We would like to state for the record that the said corps member flatly refused to wear the khaki trouser in favour of a khaki skirt” (A case of defacing and refusal to wear our uniform).

“She was brought before the camp court, found guilty, and subsequently decamped in accordance with the NYSC Bye-laws.”

“The NYSC Secretariat in Gombe has compiled and forwarded a report on the Corps member and is awaiting further instructions from our National Directorate Headquarters,” Dakama said.

That is the latest Naija gist on NYSC Gombe decamps corps member, you can also read Supreme Court Rules On INEC’s De-Registration Of 22 Political Parties



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