School finally Suspends 25 Girls Over Marlians’ Female Secret Cult , They Don’t Wear Pants


Nigerian female has actually required to Facebook to tell just how her 15-year-old senior high school woman and also her coworkers were put on hold by the school authority for coming from Marlians cultism club.Nigerian woman has taken to Facebook to narrate how her 15-year-old secondary school girl and her colleagues were suspended by the school authority for belonging to Marlians cultism club.

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According to her narrative, no less than 25 Secondary School trainees have actually been purportedly put on hold for coming from “”. The Students don’t place on pants on Mondays, Wednesdays and also Fridays as component of the cult policies.

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Although the female didn’t reveal the name of the school in the Friday Facebook post on Lailanews web page, she nonetheless claimed the school suspended them for 2 weeks.


The female, that is a deaconess claimed she had actually outlawed all “” in her house and also asked yourself why her 15-year-old “born again child of Zion”, whose papa is an Elder would certainly shame them like that.

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She claimed she’s not a party to flogging however her little girl’s activities have actually altered that, including that she will certainly defeat the heck out of her, after which the papa would certainly proceed where she quit.

The whipping will certainly come no matter the reality that the woman is still a virgin, as the mommy examined her virginity right away she brought her residence, to learn if she had actually tasted the prohibited fruit.


The trainees were revealed when among them got to school late and also the instructor that was disciplining them for late-coming discovered she had a pant in her school bag.


Further examination disclosed she wasn’t using any kind of. After a little of exploration, she later on admitted to coming from the cult team and also stated other participants in SS1 to SS3.


Hello Laila, I am simply originating from my children school today. Their major called me around 9am today to report to school over an emergency situation. I worried and also drove over just to be told that my 15 year old little girl and also a lot of the girls from her course and also other elderly additional courses are to be put on hold for being participants of a . They had to do with 25-30 girls all stooping down with their hands up.


I was stunned and also I requested more description’s and also the head instructor claimed that an instructor that was disciplining late arrivals discovered that of the girls had her pant inside her school bag and also on more examination, it was found that she wasn’t using any kind of on her waistline. When she was flogged and also questioned additionally to recognize why and also just how she was not using her pant, she admitted that she belonged to the Marlians cult in school which component of their policies was that they should not wear pant to school on Mondays, Wednesday’s and also Friday’s. I was stunned.


The head instructor told me that she was flogged some even more up until she stated all their participants from SS1 – SS3 and also however, my little girl that is a birthed once more youngster of Zion was included. Laila, the adversary has actually prospered and also my little girl has actually gotten in cult.


I was handed her letter of 2 weeks suspension and also embarassment almost eliminated me. The little girl of an older and also deaconess, i fought tough to hold my rips, I needed to bring her residence right and also God in paradise recognizes that i will certainly defeat that Marlians cult out of her today and also her papa will certainly complete the job when he gets home this evening. I wont extra her else the adversary victories. The holy bible was clear on the problem of saving the pole. I have actually never ever signed up for flogging however i have actually simply surrendered.


I examined her vaginal area and also her hymen is still undamaged so I don’t recognize why she needs to leave your house using pant just to eliminate it on reaching school cos (*25*) I hesitated that she might have been broken or possibly making love with the cult participants or something like that. I truthfully don’t recognize why this woman has actually determined to shame our household such as this. Worse is that kids of a few of our church participant likewise participate in the very same school and also witness the program of embarassment.


I outlawed Naira Marley tune or towels in my house little bit did I recognize that his cult has actually likewise entered into colleges to pollute our kids. I instead pass away than have a youngster of mine end up being a disapproval to the kingdom of God.



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