Solomon ogodo
Solomon Ogodo

Our attention has been drawn to a flawed and unsavoury publication issued by one Comr Laju Ayo, where derogatory statements were crafted in a naive fashion to demean and ridicule leaders and aspirants in Sapele Local Government Area who have made critical contributions towards building the All Progressive Congress both in Sapele Local Government Area and Delta State at large.

Normally, it is always our resolve to exercise restraint or shun issues of triviality. However, the fact that certain paltry claims and odious allegations contained in that seemingly vituperations if not properly debunked can potentiate a wrong impression that could gain wide acceptability among the populace.

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In that publication arising from a declaration event which took place yesterday, 14/06/2018, at the APC Secretariat in , where one Mr Tuedor Akpevwe Jackson, declares to represent Sapele at the Delta State House of Assembly, a particular statement has been encircled which states ” that the good people of Sapele local government should send their first eleven to represent them at the Delta state house of assembly, that allowing mediocre and those bend on hijacking part structure to represent them should be discouraged”

The sheer pettiness of the writer was quite startling and we strongly believe that he was only reeling the script of his sponsor, Mr Tuedor Akpevwe Jackson, hence it is within the purview of a redress that necessitated this rejoinder.

In view of the above nonsensical statement, we hereby wish to make the following address to correct the wrong impression of that ill-fated circumstance:

1 – That the said Mr Tuedor Akpevwe Jackson failed to properly informed the APC faithfuls gathered at that event, the very community or village where he hails from in Sapele Local Government Area.

2 – That the said aspirant failed to prove whether he has made contributions towards the growth of the party, most especially his support for the party in the last DSIEC Local Government elections.

3 – That the so called Mr Tuedor Akpevwe Jackson failed to establish if he was a registered member of the All Progressive Congress in Sapele but rather sees APC members and executives in Sapele LGA as mere cash and carry politicians.

4 – That the said aspirant has also failed to show if he has convincing political track records to represent the good people of Sapele at the Delta State House of Assembly.

5 – That the said aspirant, Mr Tuedor Akpevwe Jackson was clearly depicted as a baby politician base on the crude fashion his manifesto were poorly presented in that publication of his inept media scribe, Mr Laju Ayo.

6 – That in due course we are going to review the issues pertaining to his presented manifesto in order to ascertain if there exists a nexus between his claims and practicable law making required of a State legislator and how that measures with those of preferred viable contenders erroneously vilified in that missive.

7 – That it is a known fact that in party politics, Congresses are keenly contested as a way of refining the internal democracy within such party. Therefore, its absolutely despicable and shameful to assert, that political big wigs of the All Progressive Congress in Sapele LGA who aligned with leaders of similar interests in the last APC general Congresses could be erroneously tagged to have attempted to hijacking party structure, to us this is the height of political immaturity.

8 – That we wish to state that before the arrival of the Mr Tuedor Akpevwe Jackson whose entrance in the Delta State House of Assembly race has been described by many as “a Wild Goose Chase”, the All Progressive Congress in Sapele Local Government Area has eminently qualified and competent persons on ground who can not be played down as mediocre but are best suited to represent the Sapele State Constituency at the Delta State House of Assembly, among whom is Hon Moses Ogodo who has served meritoriously in vary political offices: two tenures as councillor representing the old Ward 8 and current Ward 9, Supervisor for Works, Supervisor for Agriculture and Rural Development and Supervisor for Education, all in the legislative arm of Sapele Local Government Council. The same Hon Moses Ogodo who is vying to represent Sapele at the Delta State House of Assembly has also served as a Chairman Ovwori Community (Okpe LGA) for roughy the period of five years and six months in office, Chairman Sapele/Okpe Community for a period of four years and eight months where the Sapele/Okpe community span over eight and a half INEC Federal wards, a man that hails from 4 communities out of the 5 communities that make up Sapele Local Government Area, namely, Sapele/Okpe Community, (Amu-Ogodo) Amukpe Community, (Okirigbagha/Ogorode), Ozue Community (Okuovu 1) and Ugborhen Community (Ugbukurusu) and also by extension of in-law related to the Elume community (Okuoke) which is the 5th community that makes up the Sapele Local Government Area.

These and many more you can find in the man, Hon Moses Ogodo, it therefore amounts to abuse and outright wickedness when there is a deliberate motive to distort the truth, facts and diminish the good image of people, especially rising political figures.

On a final note, the hard earned reputation of the highly-classsed integrity of Hon Moses Ogodo, a frontline contender for the Delta State House of Assembly in Sapele Local Government Area cannot be smeared by a charade of lies by those who know little or nothing about politics.

This is a call to caution as a stitch in time saves nigh.

Comrade Tunoka Ebami,
For: Moses Ogodo Support Group



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