SAPELE APC PRIMARIES: The threats, the recompilation of exco lists and its resultant effect on the party.


By Ambrose Onajite

Last week a chairmanship aspirant of the All Progressives Congress, Hon. Elvis Ayomanor raised an alarm about how the Deputy State Chairman of the party Chief Cyril Ogodo and his cohorts have compiled a completely new list of executives across the eleven wards of the LGA, this protest by the contestant was assumed by many to be a false alarm. But yesterday 26Th Oct. 2017, at the party primaries in Sapele, which took place at Delta Hotel Sapele, it became crystal clear to all observers that the allegations against Chief Cyril Ogodo, the party LGA Chairman and the LGA secretary of masterminding a fake exco list was true and correct, as even members of Labour Party and some completely new and strange people were called out as exco members of different wards.

According to the aspirant, Hon. Ayomanor, the Deputy State Chairman along side the party LGA Chairman and Secretary, compiled a totally new list of excos. It was obvious that they were scared he was going to defeat them in the primaries, as he did against them in 2014 when Cyril Ogodo sponsored his wife’s brother against Hon. Ayomanor, so they decided to replace majority of the existing exco members with others who would be loyal to their course. “Imagine in my ward, they removed the congress treasurer, organising secretary, youth leader, Asst. Women Leader, even as far as ex-official members were replaced by people from Labour Party who are Cyril Ogodo’s allies, like Lucky Ohwojerho the former Labour Party LGA Secretary and some complete strangers who would do their biddings, just to defeat me in my ward”

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From what our news crew gathered, the State Election Committee applied for the original certified true copy of the exco list from the APC national secretariat in Abuja, unfortunately, when the list arrived Delta State, it got to the state chairman, prophet Jones Erue,  who absconded with it since last week, all for him to send the State Assistant Secretary to submit the doctored list to the officers conducting the primaries on the day of the primaries.

Irrespective of the concerns raised by Hon. Ayomanor, the State Election Committee still accepted the fake exco lists presented by the state chairman Prophet Jones Erue. The question party faithful are asking now is, what is the hope of this party with so much impunity and injustice being perpetuated by Certain leaders and their cronies?

According to a ward chairman present at the venue, who was was not happy with the development,
“U can imagine them adding even three delegates each, to the ward excos, without even our input as the ward chairmen, a practice that is against our party’s constitutional provision and the guidelines for the conduct of the primaries, yet the election committee allowed Cyril Ogodo to have his way with the fake list” he said. He even further revealed to us that the ward 3 Chairman Mr. John Adugbo Eta’s name was even removed from the exco list all because he is loyal to Hon. Ayomanor. “As I speak to u now, our strongest aspirant from ward 3, who won the 2014 Councillorship Election, Mr. Michael Ukere has decamped to labour party last week, to contest the councillorship of ward 3, all because of this gang up to fail Hon. Elvis Ayomanor and his supporters” furthermore, the ward chairman who pleaded anonymity, for him not to be relieved of his office, went ahead to reveal what transpired in ward 14, instead of conducting a direct primaries, they forced the people to conduct delegate primaries just to fail one of the aspirants who is one of Hon. Ayomanor’s loyalist.

After Cyril Ogodo and his cohorts threatened the wards chairmen, the LGA Chairman and Secretary continue with the threat on the entire excos,that they would be relieved of their offices if they vote or work against Stanley Eshanomi. Even at that, they were still scared, to the extent that a notable state leader, (name withheld) asked Cyril Ogodo to summon all the ward chairmen and leaders and put them on a conference call, and reiterated the threat of relieving them of their offices, if they dare to work for Elvis Ayomanor, that Elvis has been fighting them, from the state to the wards along side the late Senator Okpozo.

It is a shame that such impunity exists in a party that’s supposed to correct the ills of PDP.
Now PDP is joining APC to celebrate Eshanomi’s victory, what an irony, what a disappointment to the people of Sapele.
I hope those state leaders who collaborated with Cyril Ogodo and his family excos in Sapele to rig out the people’s choice, are equally ready to deliver their candidate come January 6th, 2018?



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