Yoruba Youths Sallah and International Youth Day Message of Peace to all Nigerians.


Yoruba Youths Sallah and International Youth Day Message of Peace to all Nigerians.

The apex umbrella body of youths in the Southwest Zone of Nigeria and in Diaspora: Yoruba Council of Youths Worldwide send double goodwill message of peace to all Nigerians particularly all Muslim faithfuls in this season of Eid Mubarak, as well as all Nigerian youths in commemoration of the International Youth Day: Transforming Education, very important to learn from and apply the message of love and peace of the season on the love God showed Abraham for replacing a sheep with his son’s life in our daily affairs, more so in the face of hydra headed challenges bedevilling Nigeria, ranging from merciless killings, serial reports of kidnapping and armed bandits invasion across the nation, hence the various agitations across, necessitating gross break down of law and order under the guise of Revolution, as well as several other extra judicial killings on the Nigerian Army killing of the 3 officers attached to the IGP IRT team in Taraba under mysterious and debasing manner, and other law enforcement agent’s excessive recklessness and high-handedness, not forgeting the unrepentant crops of corrupt infested politicians whose trademarks of pains, horror and double jeopardy conducts has wrecked our national image and mistrust, both at home and internationally.

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However, we use today’s occasion to call on all Nigerians to embrace peace and see ourselves as one, while we all remain resolute on ensuring rule of law, good governance and national development becomes our unifying factor.

We also use this medium to inform the 9th Assembly in the spirit of the theme of the International Youth Day: Transforming Education to aggressively postulate and pass the National Education Right Bill into Law, wherein the Federal, States and Local shall provide a minimum of 25% budgetary allocation to the education sector, as well as the need for genuine funding of education, beyond salvaging the crippling and deteriorating level we are currently bedevilled with as nation, precipitating our clarion call to all the 36 Governors viz: our proposed National Education Summit tagged: “Eko Se Pataki” in collaboration with the Ekiti State Government in October, 2019.

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We equally call on President Muhammadu Buhari to rescue the nation from imminent total collapse by convening A National Peace Dialogue Summit on or before 1st October, 2019, inorder to rejig patriotism and valued confidence of all Nigerians by addressing issues of insecurity, corruption and economic growth and youth and women development accordingly.

Barika de Sallah!
Happy International Youth Day!!
Long Live Federal Republic of Nigeria!


Aremo Oladotun Hassan, Esq.
President, Yoruba Council of Youth Worldwide.



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