Russian long-range missile stock ‘limited’ – Britain

Russian long-range missile stock ‘limited’ say Britain

Russian forces are running low on long-range air defence missiles the British Ministry of Defence has said.

According to the most recent Defence Intelligence update on the Ukrainian situation – 1 October 2022.


“On September 30, 2022, Russian forces almost certainly attacked a convoy south-east of Zaporizhzhia.” According to local authorities, 25 civilians have been killed. The weapon in question was most likely a Russian long-range air defence missile used for ground attack.

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Russia’s stock of such missiles is almost certainly limited, and they are a valuable resource designed to shoot down modern aircraft and incoming missiles rather than ground targets.

Its use in ground attack missions was almost certainly motivated by overall munitions shortages, particularly for longer-range precision missiles.

President Putin signed annexation agreements for Zaporizhzhia and other parts of occupied Ukraine on the same day. Russia is expending strategically valuable military assets in an attempt to gain a tactical advantage, while also killing civilians whom it now claims to be its own citizens.”

Furthermore, Russian troops have withdrawn from the strategic city of Lyman in eastern Ukraine “due to the risk of being encircled” and moved to “more advantageous frontiers,” , Russia’s ministry of defence said via Telegram on Saturday.

“Earlier today, Ukraine forces encircled Russian forces in the eastern town of Lyman, where Russia’s forces totaled about 5,000 to 5,500 soldiers.” Ukrainian soldiers were later seen raising the national flag in front of the city’s entrance sign.



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