Praise Be To God As Russian Coronavirus Vaccine Tested and Safe for Human Treatment

Russian Coronavirus Vaccine
Russian Coronavirus Vaccine
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Russian Coronavirus  Vaccine 

The good news now is that the  Russian Covid-19 Vaccine has been Tested and Safe for Human Treatment.

According to Russian Defense Ministry on Wednesday, said it had developed a “safe” coronavirus vaccine following clinical trials on a group of volunteers.

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The ministry said 18 people had participated in the research and were discharged without “serious adverse events, health complaints, complications or side effects.”

Russian Coronavirus  Vaccine

With the development of the Coronavirus vaccine, Russia will no longer require foreigners without coronavirus to self-isolate for 14 days after arrival as the country looks to begin reopening to international travelers in the midst of the pandemic, according to a decree published on Monday.

Source : The Moscow Times

Russian Coronavirus  Vaccine

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