Nigeria Will Break Up Within Six Months – Top Nigerian Leader ( Video )

Nigeria Breaks New Bad Record Under President Buhari

Top Nigerian Leader Makes Shocking Revelation on Nigeria Breaking up in The Next 6 Months 

Given the current state of affairs, Nigeria’s Senior Advocate, Robert Clarke, has stated that he cannot guarantee the country’s survival for another six months.

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Clarke claimed in an interview on Channels Television on May 2 that security services are just talking. He said that the current crisis was caused by politicians who were swimming in Abacha’s money and attempting to form as many political parties as possible.


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Nigeria, according to the lawyer, is worse than it was in 1982 due to its leadership. He said,

“You see, the problem with Nigeria is that those who should know don’t want to know and they do not know.


“The security section is talking and talking and talking. What are they doing? The security in this country is so bad today that I, Robert Clark, I cannot guarantee Nigeria staying another six months.


“The problems are overwhelming and have been created by these same politicians since 1999 constitution came into being and this crop of politicians who were swimming in Abacha’s loot and trying to form as many political parties as possible for him (Abacha) got into money and came into politics, Nigeria has never been the same.

“Nigeria is worse than it was in 1982. What is the cause? The cause is the leadership we have.”



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