VIDEO: What Rev. Father Mbaka Told Peter Obi will makes you Cry for Obi


Father Mbaka met and said “Don’t get us provoked with your hide and seek game and know that the way you and Atiku are moving will end in shame. Let’s continue the bazaar please.

We don’t need your money and since you have not been supporting us the ministry is moving. The highest thing we need here is the holy spirit, Jesus the Father. There is no need for you telling me that you will meet me privately.

. Praise the lord, ayeyeye ooo.. Please we ask God to bless our brother Peter Obi for us in Jesus name. Let’s continue with the bazaar. We now hand over the microphone to our brother Hope Uzodinma.”

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Hope Uzodinma now takes the Microphone

Our leader and spiritual director of Adoration Ministry, I greet you. I came here in two capacities. I’m here on behalf of my family and most importantly on behalf of President Muhammadu Buhari.. Uzodinma now continues with his speech in English



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