Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka Apologises to Catholic church over his mistakes ( Read Details )

Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka

Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka Apologises to Catholic church over his mistakes, plead for forgiveness 

Rev’d Father Ejike Mbaka, the Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministries Enugu Nigeria (AMEN), has apologised to the Catholic Church for his recent mistakes.

Mbaka begged Bishop Callistus Onaga of the Enugu Catholic Diocese to forgive him and his followers for their conduct, which have harmed the church, during his sermon on Sunday.

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After some of his followers broke into the diocesan cathedral on Wednesday, when his whereabouts were unknown for several hours, the clergy warned them against abuse.

“I can’t disobey the church — who am I?” the priest said. How can someone who has served the church for 25 years suddenly turn around and start fighting the same church? Anything I do is for the sake of the church.”

“To be frank, Father Mbaka has no issues with the church here. I have no issues with my bishop; people want to do it, but they are unable to do so. And I have something in me that can solve both of these issues: the gift of modesty and the church’s obedience.”

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Mbaka recounted how thousands of his supporters stormed the Catholic cathedral and the bishop’s residence in search of him in a sermon broadcast live on TheCable.

He said that after being called prior to the rally, the church leadership told him to go and get the demonstrators out because they had threatened that “things would get bad” if they didn’t see him.

“I had no idea a glass had been smashed. “What I was thanking you for was your ability to look for your missing pastor, not for what was destroyed,” he explained.

“There was a lot of contradictory data. The devil appeared in the storey; I was not kidnapped by the church.

“I’d like to apologise to anyone who misunderstood what I said. I didn’t applaud someone who destroyed anything. I learned that the hunt for Father Mbaka had been hijacked; people had joined in and began destroying property.

“I am here on your behalf, and I offer my heartfelt, unadulterated apologies to the Holy Catholic church, to which I belong, and I pray that the mother church forgive us in some way we failed.

“I ask for forgiveness for everything I said, even though I didn’t say it well. I am kneeling for the church on behalf of you (the worshippers), and I tell the church, forgive.”

The cleric claimed that he has no issues with the church and that he is still faithful to the bishop.

“We are to save the church’s image and face, as well as the souls of God’s children. I’m here to save souls; the church isn’t my property because I’m a member,” he said.


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