Restructuring of Nigeria only antidote to Nigeria Problems – Roland E IDIMI (UBIOMOR)


Roland E. IDIMI (UBIOMOR), a candidate of Delta Central Senatorial Districts has disclosed that to a true Federal State with Resource Control shall provides win win for all regions, States of Nigeria, ethnic nationalities and people as every non-oil producing States shall continue to get about what they currently gets from Federal allocations and will get more revenues for development from the exploration, development and production of resources in their lands. Roland E. IDIMI (UBIOMOR) has made this disclosure in Asaba when responding to calls on the position of Southern and Middle Belt People of Nigeria calls for restructuring of Nigeria to a true Federal State.

According to the words of the Senatorial Candidate, “Restructuring of Nigeria to a true Federal State with Resource Control is the only one antidote to the so many socioeconomic and sociopolitical problems facing Nigeria today. Including the problem of security.

To add to what is said above, if Nigeria is restructured to a true Federal State today, all non oil producing States would still get about what they get from crude oil production revenues as about 75 percent of our crude oil production comes from deep offshore, which falls under Federal jurisdiction according to United Nations Conference on Law of the Sea (UNCLOS III 1980).”

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This knowledge is what we want to bring to the National Assembly to educate those who are opposed to the call for restructuring of Nigeria to a true Federal State, most especially our brothers from the North, when elected Senator. Restructuring provides a win win for all regions, ethnics nationalities and people of Nigeria.

Roland E. IDIMI (UBIOMOR) also calls on the National Assembly to revisit the bill on devolution of powers to set the stage for restructuring Nigeria for the overall good of all regions, State, ethnic nationalities and people.



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