Reps blow hot, tell Buhari to declare herdsmen terrorists

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Saraki, Dogara

The House of Representatives, Thursday, asked President Muhammadu Buhari to declare terrorists.

Speaker of the House, presiding over the proceedings.

The House demanded the declaration after Hon. Benjamin Wayo, lamented that Kwande Local Government Area of Benue State is one of the areas most affected by the continued herdsmen attacks on Benue farming communities.

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He noted with dismay the violent invasion on Tse-Adough Community in Yaav Council ward of Kwande Local Government on Sunday 3 May 2018 where over ten innocent and unarmed villagers in multiple families were killed in cold blood including Zakaa Akanyi, Liamkpuur Zakaa, Gbaior Zakaa, Mimi Gbaior, Mngohol Imoter, Terseer Anzam, Ternenge Anzam and Mama Gbinde;

He expressed worry that over 40 houses, food stuff, animals and other properties worth over N100million were razed.

The lawmaker stated that the attacks usually take a format likened to the Boko Haram attacks that ravaged parts of the country.

He expressed raised concerns that the Turan Council Wards of Mbakyor, Yaav, Kumakwagh, Moon and Mbadura have been under severe attacks by the Herdsmen Militia, leading to displacement of hundreds of thousands of villagers who are currently in makeshift camps in and around Jato- Aka.

After his debate, the House resolved to “Call on the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Gen. Mohammadu Buhari to proscribe the activities of the Herdsmen Militia and declare them a terrorist group in Nigeria;

“Urge the President and Commander -in- Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to direct the Nigerian Army, and other Security Agencies to tackle the menace of the herdsmen militia using the same Federal might it deployed in decimating the Boko Harm terrorists;

“Also urge the National Emergency, Management Agency (NEMA) to provide relief materials to the affected Communities;

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“Further urge the Federal Government to take responsibility of offsetting all the hospital bills of victims of the attack and take over their treatment;

“Mandate the Committees on Emergency and Disaster Preparedness, and National Security and Intelligence to ensure compliance.”



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