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Reason Some Npower Applicants Have Not Been Shortlisted For Physical Verification  

Now that the federal   begins the process of shortlisting N-Power applicants for physical verification, some candidates are concerned that they may not be selected despite their good marks on the just completed N-Power test. We’ll look at the reasons why you weren’t selected for the NPower Batch ‘C’ verification exercise in this post.

Those who received the message below are the ones we’re talking about.

“You have not been selected for the verification stage; please return later.”

If you received a congratulatory message for the verification step but did not earn a score between 50 and 100 percent, please read this post till the end.

Do not be alarmed if you have not yet gotten the celebratory message! This does not rule out the possibility of being considered for a position. Please be advised that the shortlisting process is still underway (it is still ongoing).

To balance the selection process, the shortlisting is done at random and in batches. Also, as with Npower Stream 1 and 2, the deployment of selected beneficiaries will be done in the same way (randomly). More information about the Npower Streams can be found here.

As a result, an applicant from Kaduna who performed poorly on the Npower test may be shortlisted ahead of applicants from Lagos who scored very high, because the qualifying individuals are chosen at random.

NASIMS management is still screening applicants, so don’t worry; you’ll be shortlisted for verification soon. Check back later, says the notification on your dashboard.

Please be aware that you are not permitted to use your mobile phone to perform Npower fingerprinting. See How to Check Npower Batch C Shortlisted Verification Status

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Please spread the word until all Npower applicants have seen it. Do you have a question? Please leave a comment in the space below.

# Reason Some Npower Applicants Have Not Been Shortlisted For Physical Verification 


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