Why was Kizz Daniel arrested

in Tanzania?

The Tanzanian show’s promoter Nigerian singer , failed to perform at, has provided his own account of what happened.

The Tanzanian police detained Kizz Daniel earlier today after he was paid to perform on a show on Sunday, August 7, but did not.

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The show’s promoter, who identified himself as Stephen Uwa in an interview with DaddyFreeze, claimed that Kizz Daniel declined to perform because the airline forgot to bring his bag containing his gold chains and insisted he will not perform unless he is wearing all of his gold chains.

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He claimed that the absence of his bag by the airline prevented him from performing because his gold chain, which was worn around his neck, was missing. He was incredibly zealous.

Uwa claimed to have spent no less than $300,000 on the performance, including $60,000 for Kizz Daniel’s fee.

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Despite this, the singer’s show was a complete bust. He claimed to be sobbing and pleading with Kizz Daniel to perform but the latter refused.

“My business is brand-new here. The person I reserved Kizz from was PaulO.

PaulO, who called in from America, cried the entire night while pleading with this guy to attend the show.Why was Kizz Daniel arrested

Why was Kizz Daniel arrested

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I gave this guy a payment of $60,000 to appear on this show. knelt to the ground. I said, “Bro, you’re hurting me.” Here, I’m attempting to grow my business. You’re going to hurt me, I cried out to this man, “Save my career, save me.” For about five hours, I begged Kizz Daniel at the table while on my knees.

According to Stephen, the angry fans destroyed some of the merchandise brought in by the show’s sponsors, causing damage to the entire venue.


Meanwhile, Kizz Daniel has apologized to the organisers and fans.

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