Engr. Sam. Adjogbe and Otega Emerehor

Is there really a raging debate as to who is working for Okowa in Delta State and is Engr Sam Ajogbe appointed by President Muhammadu Buhari to by an added financial tool of O’tega Emerhor to destabilize the APC in Delta State for an easy win by the PDP during the 2019 general election!.

That Olorogun O’tega Emerhor is in cahoot with Okowa and the top brass leadership of PDP in Delta State in a quid pro quo arrangement in return for Okowa’s sponsorship and support for O’tega in either of the leading two political parties in 2023 is no longer speculation but a statement of fact that is verifiable.

In fact, party functionaries forced by O’tega’s awesome hold over APC to accept all dictated decisions and who were privy to certain conclave transactions , are now emboldened by the entry of politicians with amazing mass appeal , determined to lead APC to electoral victory , are prepared to spew all they know and participated in for all to evaluate and come to an informed judgement.

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In this rejoinder , we shall not dwell in gimmickry nor sentiments like the writers we are responding to, but on facts and facts alone.
Our response to the contention that Emerhor wants a candidate from Delta north in APC, in deference to PDP zoning , to defeat Okowa who according to the writers has performed dismally beggers belief. Yes, there is no denying the dismal performance of Okowa and the governors before him under a zoning arrangement which Emerhor still want to impose on Deltans. It is illogical as they surmised that Okowa’s dismal performance which is the verdict of the people in the three senatorial districts will automatically be converted to superlative performance that will make voters cast their votes to return him if his challenger were to come from Delta central or Delta South.What a propesterous submission!

Governor Okowa has failed and we need a candidate with mass appeal and good will to motivate voters to come out to exercise their franchise in throwing Okowa out. To do otherwise as the writers want to mislead the public to believe is to call for voters apathy that could pave the way for Okowa’ s re- election.
Having responded to the tenuous generalisations, we shall now proceed to unassailable facts to show the true face of O’tega Emerhor for those who believe he has integrity to see through the facade he had flaunted to beguile people.

First, may we implore the reading public especially those in position of authority not to subject this piece to the trending generalisation in the political space that tend to characterise genuine and factual complaints as mud slinging, misrepresentation, villification, witch hunting and or empty campaign of calumny. This mindset has denied authority figures the opportunity of acting on intel and take informed corrective decisions that would have saved the integrity and enhanced the workings of organisations for desired results. Leaders are wont to dismiss suggestions and well intended complaints as sheer distractions and or diversionary measures aimed at befuddling those saddled with decision making.

We challenge the leaders of our party and the presidency to thoroughly investigste the veracity of the subject of this write up and do the needful that their investigation might reveal. If investigation does not find substance in every item of our complaints, we offer ourselves to face whatever consequence that can be visited under our laws on peddlers of false and malicious information.

As persons who have faith in the programmes of All Progressives Congress and look up to the party to take over the governance of Delta state which has been under the misgovernance of PDP since 1999, we are particularly worried that the direction which Olorogun O’tega Emerhor , the defacto leader of APC in delta state, is steering the party is a premeditated failure that must be stopped by drastic measures .

The despicable arrangement started in the year 2015 when Olorogun O’tega was the governorship candidate of All Progressives Congress.His lacklustre campaign in the build up to the election indicated to probing minds that he didn’t give himself any chance of winning the election.Then on the eve of the election , a party member acting on a tip off against Olorogun O’tega trailed him to Protea hotel along the NPA Express way in Warri where foreign currencies received from Alhaji Atiku Abubakar in three tranches, the least of which was three hundred thousand dollars was stored in a dedicated suit .Moneys also received from Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan and others for the election were also kept there . On the strenght of the information available to Prince Collins Eselemo, he patiently laid ambush for Olorogun O’tega in the hotel premises on the strong suspicion that the moneys for the election were about to be diverted by O’tega. After a long wait,Olorogun O’tega flanked by the party chairman and treasurer as well as personal aides appeared in the lobby of the hotel with two of the aides carrying “ghana must go bags” containing local and foreign currencies , Prince Collins accosted them in the lobby and pointedly accused O’tega of compromising the election by delibrately not disbursing money to party supporters to carry out their duties.Immediately prince Eselemo grabbed one of the bags containing the moneys . A struggle ensued once Prince Collins grabbed one of the bags and attempted to disposses O’tega’s aide .
But for the timely intervention of the security aides of Olorogun O’tega who overpowered Prince Collins to let go of the bag he grabbed, the ill gotten money would have been seized from O’tega. Indeed O’tega converted the moneys for personal use after releasing a miserable pittance to Prophet Jones and other functionaries to use for the election exercise.It is very unfortunate that O’tega could fleece national leaders to release moneys for an election which he had already sold to PDP leaders.

Many thought that Olorogun O’tega Emerhor may have been intimidated into the scandalous deal as a result of the awesome power wielded by the PDP then. But inspite of the victory of our party at the federal level , Olorogun O’tega refused to wean himself from the compromise and rejig the activities of the party for victory in the 2019 election.This is the sorry situation APC delta found herself as O’tega continues to deepen his collaborative plans with PDP to deny our party victory in the forthcoming elections. Even as recent as the 17th and 18th of December 2017 O’tega and Okowa met in London to perfect their plots to stall the efforts of APC to field a governorship candidate with electoral value who could defeat Okowa in the forthcoming election.

Olorogun O’tega Emerhor promised to do all within his power to exclude chief Great Ogboru from the governorship ticket of the party. An alternative plot that is already being deployed simultaneously to weaken the architecture of the party is the promotion of disharmony and division within the party to take half of her attention from the general election. Accordingly, O’tega was given the sum of six hundred million naira equivalent in Pounds.
Keen watchers of O’tega’s recent TV interview on channels demonstrably noticed how beholden O’tega is to Governor Okowa.In his submission in the course of the intetview that only a candidate of Delta North extraction can challenge Governor Okowa in the governorship election.He prevaricated on the choice of the words “defeat” or “challenge” in defining what he expects in the election which was very revealing to discerning minds. He consciously restrained himself from saying that only a candidate from the north can defeat Governor Okowa in preference for challenge for fear of provoking the wrath of Okowa’s goons who are aware of the humonguos amount already paid to him for his subversive role against APC.

It also incontrovertible that Dr Samuel Adjogbe,Executive Director Project of NDDC who is a known lackey of O’tega held a meeting with Senators Nwaboshi and Ayanwu of People’s Democratic Party in Portharcourt wherein he urged the senators to push for the suspension of Ovie Omo- Agege over his disputation with the senate, a matter that appeared resolved with the courteous apology tendered by senator Ovie Omo -Agege , before an instigated suspension by Okowa and his collaborators in APC changed the trajectory .Ajogbe is also a known collaborator of Okowa in financing the bribing of the Secretary of the ward congress committee to steal result sheets and hiring of killers to intimidate and kill members of the APC during the just concluded Ward Congress in Delta State between the 5th and 7th of May,2018.Infact,he is also known to be with the indicted Ward Congress committee secretary in Portharcourt planning against the APC.Is this the reason why President Muhammadu Buhari appointed Adjogbe?.

We have always maintained that O’tega Emerhor is not a true member of All Progressives Congress as he openly canvassed for the election of former president Goodluck Jonathan throughout his stompings in the senatorial re run election in delta central and the subsequent presidential campaigns in the 2015 election. Again, we challenge doubting thomases to call for video clips of the campaign.
Equally, moneys generated through the initiatives of sitting governors who were determined that the party won the state in 2015 were diverted into Little Hero’s account with FCMB as against the party account in Zenith bank which O’tega surreptitiously made himself a principal signatory to at the expense of party functionaries. Painfully the moneys were never used for the purpose of the election.
By available plethora of evidence, O’tega has held himself out as a transactional person driven by financial gains and not service to the celectorate .He therefore cannot be entrusted with the fortune of the party in whatever capacity.


I Remain
Prince Christopher Akpojotor Agaga


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