RE : WHEN GRACE FINDS YOU, BACKBITERS WILL BARK BUT GRACE WILL ALWAYS PREVAIL. A case of Delta APC leader: Olorogun O’tega Emerhor OON and the Executive Director projects NDDC ; Engr. Dr Samuel Adjogbe FNSE.


By: Prince Christopher Akpojotor Agaga

Mr Daniel Ughere, your write up is very interesting as you sought to pass off fiction for reality to ingratiate your paymasters that you are working real hard to defend.I woud have empathised with you for being constrained to rise in defence of your paymasters if you didn’t attempt to insult the collective intelligence of well discerning members of APC in Delta State who have been objectively following events in the party which you are belabouring to recast.
Those who will believe your narrative that Adjogbe is one of the founding members of APC in Delta state are not in planet earth. The appointment of Adjogbe who was in PDP throughout the elections of 2015 where he unsuccessfully attempted to run for the house of Assembly, to the board of NDDC in preference for the many qualified founding members of the party , is one nepotic gaffe by Otega whose injuries cannot be healed easily.
Your barefaced falsehood that Chief Great Ogboru refused to be part of APC at inception because he branded the party as a Boko haram party is not only tendentious but portrays you as a poor student of history.

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It is incontestable that those who actually midwifed the merger that gave birth to APC in Delta were all political associates of Chief Great Ogboru in his movement to wrest power from PDP. Since 2001 when Chief Great Ogboru instituted his movement to provide alternative platform to the tyrannical PDP structutre, almost every politician who successfully engaged the PDP goons at the polls did under the different platforms provided by Chief Great Ogboru. Beside, the DPP which featured in Delta politics in the 2011elections is a party that was formed by a hausa/ fulani politician , which Great embraced and brought to Delta State
Between Chief Great Ogboru who embraced the labour party in preference for APC in 2014 and Olorogun Otega who embraced APC under which he pretentiously ran for the governorship but did not canvass for votes for president Mohammadu Buhari in all his stompings , who has integrity?Please play back all the video clips of the campaigns to wean yourself of illusions that you want to elevate as truth.
Chief Great Ogboru was consistent and stuck to principles throughout even during the 2010 governorship re run when so much pressure was brought to bear on him to sacrifice principle for institutional support, Chief Ogboru was steadfast .But the same cannot be said of your paymaster who was caught by Prince Collins Eselemo collecting money from Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan, the then governor of Delta state to compromise the presidential and governorship elections.If you dispute the veracity of the above duplicitous account of the events , we dare your paymaster to institute an action in libel against prince Collins Eselemo who gave account of the scandolous transaction live on television to the public.
You also attemted to paint senator Ovie Omo-Agege with a brush of a supplanter.Note by party politics and convention, from the very first day that senator Ovie Omo -Agege joined APC , as the most senior elected official of the party from the state, he should be recognised as the defacto leader of the party and be accorded such privilege.
Olorogun Otega contested the governorship election and lost , yet he arrogate to himself the position of leader by default who should not listen but dictate to the constitutionally recognised organs of the party.
The malicious accusation that Chief Ogboru is blinded by his governorship ambition in injecting divisive tendencies to APC has been shown to be false by the fact that more than 80 percent of the state working committee members of APC who were running the Party when Chief Ogboru joined the party see Chief Ogboru as an electoral asset while they view Olorogun Otega as a liability hence they are coalescing around chief Ogboru to win the 2019 election
The main reason serious parties participate in elections is to win and they go out to court personalities with electoral value and anoint them as candidates. Delta state APC is fortunate to be embraced by senator Ovie Omo-Agege and chief Great Ogboru , the cause of restiveness in the State chapter of PDP.

On a final note, people should cross check critically and they will discover that the people’s general, Olorogun Great Ovedje Ogboru’s Signature was on the party’s approval agreement to merge with APC.So Great Ogboru is a full APC man take it or you leave it.Shikena!.

Let us join hands with team Senator Ovie Omo-Agege, Dr mrs Ali,Chief Great Ogboru,Laurenta Onochie, Ibe Kachukwu etal to bring harvest of victories for APC in the 2019 elections
APC progress!
APC change Delta!
APC victory galore!



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