Olorogun Great Ogboru
Olorogun Great Ogboru

By Onoriode Abulu.

My name is Onoriode Abulu, a political analyst and a reporter. I’m so so shocked at the extent people can go just to blackmail and defame people’s characters.


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I want to make it known to the general public, that I never made any such analysis, and I was never aware of, or wrote any such thing. This goes to show how desperate people can be, in their bid to achieve whatever it is they pursue.

The general public should disregard the information contained in that report, it was cooked up by mischievous people, who probably may have been contracted by desperate politicians, just to create disaffection amongst party members.

My surprise is, why they chose my name as their target person for this dirty job? I have wandered so much in my thoughts to find out why the choice of Onoriode Abulu as the analyst to be impersonated,blackmailed and defamed. In all my thinking, I was only able to come up with two reasons, and they are:

(A): They see me as a prolific writer who has a very wide reading audience and coverage. This they believe will give their evil and despicable intents a wide spread coverage.

(B): They know me to be a credible character with integrity and a conscience nurtured by truth. Obviously they know people will believe the story since it’s coming from such a man of integrity, whom they know would not tell lies to the public and has track record of analysis and reports that have proven to be true and correct in all ramifications.

If for no other reason, today I’m so happy to know what people think about me. I’m proud to be Onoriode Abulu, I never knew people read my works this much, I didn’t know I have such esteemed values in literary works.

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I want to specially thank those detractors and mischief makers, for making me to know how people see me. I really appreciate you, your evil plot actually turned out to be a good one for me, it came as a mirror to help me see me better than my bare eyes could see me, it’s more like an X-ray exercise, to X-ray my works so far. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

Comr. Onoriode Abulu (Political Analyst/Reporter)


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