Re: ‘PDP Panel’s Recommendation on Niger State Chapter Was to Break Logjam’


The above headed statement signed by the Secretary to the People’s Democratic Party National Reconciliation and strategy Committee, monikered “Saraki Committee” Mr Linus Okorie, on behalf of the committee is rather curious, it seeks to provide medicine were there is no illness. Unfortunately, Dr. Bukola Saraki a Medical Doctor knows the the dangers of drug abuse but overlooked it.

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We believe the committee was only being proactive, else there is no “logjam” to break, or crisis that warrant any reconciliation, especially that the is a party formed by law and has a constitution to settle all issues.

“Logjam” arises where there are no laws or statutory books, Reconciliation happens after contest event, especially bitter and keen contest.

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Niger state have not had its congress, where there are only two persons who have bought nomination forms and have been cleared to contest 15 months back.

Till date the party is unable to fix a date to organize a transparent, free and fair congress, so, we beg to ask, where is the logjam and what is the reconciliation about? Reconciliation before contest?

  1. It is important we make it abundantly clear, here and now, that Senator Nazeef Gamawa the National Deputy Chairman, North, has for the second time exhibited character of an unrepentant rabble rouser, it is important for him to go back and re-read the political history of PDP in Niger state, instead of making infantile rants before men and women who are old enough to be his father and mother, he can’t dare that in Bauchi, but that is politics! He will never get such an opportunity again. Not with Niger PDP stakeholders, Never!

  2. Let me quote the committee at this point, paragraph

  3. “Following the various meetings we had with the various groups and stakeholders, it became clear that one of the two aspirants to the office of chairman is willing to step down in the interest of peace and unity. In the same spirit, members of the committee believe that the other aspirant should take a positive cue from the action of his fellow aspirant. Following further consultation, we believe that there is need to achieve consensus.”

What better consensus could have been achieved when by the committee’s admission above, one of the aspirant is willing to step down? An uninterested arbiter will gladly accept such gesture and celebrate it, why then would the Saraki committee ask all the aspirants to step down if there are no wishful interests?

Former Governor Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo also a member of the Saraki Committee recommended a congress for Yobe state with similar facts and issues even worse than Niger, Nassarawa and Plateau ditto!

Who is afraid of congress in Niger? Off course we know who, Dr. Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu. But the law is greater than any individual. The courts might have to make it clear in this case.

There is no Reconciliation better than one person accepting to let go for the other willingly, is the committee not rather turning back in a “marry go round” if it “recommends” both aspirants to step down and a new set be nominated for a congress? Same congress they have avoided? What or where is the consensus? Wishful interest is suspected here, or is the committee protecting any interest?

It is “inconceivable” to recommend a step down of both aspirants for new persons when the constitution of the Party is clear and straight forward, if the committee doesn’t know, which we doubt, The Chairman, of the committee, Senator Bukola Saraki knows too well the importance of rule of law and the effect non-compliance will have on our democracy and children unborn.


We maintain and reiterate our stand, that we reject any attempt aimed at forcing our lovable, people’s Choice, Bar. Tanko Beji out of the race for PDP, Niger State chairmanship, we will re-nominate him 100 times over, and will stretch the full length of law if such action is thought of.

Our position, for avoidance of doubt remains, that a free, fair and transparent congress be organized and held as in other states and as as recommended by Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue state, as well as Governor Dankwambo in Yobe, or if the other aspirant as the committee opined choices to wave his right to contest, we will thank him and appreciate his gesture.

Yahaya Mohd Usman,
Bar. Tanko Beji group.


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