By:Mr. Peters Omaruaye
We are deeply concerned about the issues raised by the writer of the above caption on the activities of TEAM OGBORU especially as it relates to the state congress held on the 19th, day of May, 2018
The egg heads constituting the team religiously believe in the rights of individuals to aspire to positions of leadership without censorship nor interference. Our decision not to be obtrusive, born out of sincere commitment to fairness and transparency could be viewed myopically as a sign of incompetence whereas it is a testament to the premium we place on democratic values and practices.
This event further lay to rest the false claim by traducers of the Ogboru team as not being team players. If personalities like Chief Fred Obe, Prince Ikpama, William Omoviroro etal with superlative credentials , encouraged by the team to indicate interest in the chairmanship race of the party could lose to Prophet Jones who was not a member of team Ogboru, that could only have happened because the exigencies of togetherness and inclusiveness required in growing a party and positioning it for victory was espoused by leaders of team Ogboru which the aforementioned aspirants are part of.
We all appreciate the invaluable services of the aspirants in the journey so far and the indispensability of their services in the journey forward cannot be blighted or taken for granted.
As soon as the supersonic volatility of the intra party intrigues quieten in response to the initiatives from us and others who believe that we must do everything humanly possible to harvest victory in the general elections, the seeming differences that the writer alluded to will evaporate and the sagacity of Team Ogboru now passing unappreciated shall be applauded by all.


Sir Richard Odibo has demonstrated iconic skills in piloting the affairs of the Team for which he deserves commendation.However, in recognition of human frailties and fallibility , we hope to step up our efforts towards addressing consequential challenges which arose from implementation of certain decisions that offended the sensibilities of some members of the political family .

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All Progressives Congress cannot be weakened by sideline untoward events that characterised the congresses as the leaders are actually closer to one another than is perceived by many.


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