The attention of the Forum of Clerks and Legislative Officers of Legislative Houses of Delta State has been drawn to a most scandalous post with the above heading, currently trending online, made by a faceless group of internet fraudsters masquerading as online news media, wherein deliberate malicious effort was made to malign the person of the Honourable Chairman of the Local Government Service Commission, Asaba, Comrade Olumami Oyibo, by the attributing of clearly unsubstantiated claims of fraudulent act against the man and the office he respectably occupies. As Civil Servants,under the employ of the LGSC Asaba, we are not only angered by the obnoxious post that aims to defame the institution of the Commission as a whole, we are doubly incensed against the devilish hatchet-men, because the names of two of our members were mentioned in the fairytale of satanic inclination concocted to hoodwink the unknowing public with falsehood bereft of any iota of evidence, as accomplices in the scheme.

Ordinarily, we would have not had reason to react to the said post, and would have kept mute like other Civil Servants under the LGSC Asaba, with the knowledge that the integrity of the commission Chairman would carry him through, no matter what level of accusations are bandied around his name, but for need to set the records straight, with regards to the names of our members whose names were mentioned, so the post could be exposed for the falsehood that it is.

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We are aware that the LGSC through a circular letter No. LGCD 222/175 dated 17 January 2018 did a review of promotion of Legislative officers that negatively affected some officers, and as is the norm in the Civil Service, officers are entitled to complain, if they feel short-changed by the Commission’s decisions or actions, with verifiable proof, which the Commission is under obligation to reconsider if the proof or evidence is compelling enough to warrant a review. This the Clerks and Legislative officers affected by the Commission’s circular letter quoted above did, through a letter addressed to the Commission, dated…19th February, 2018….. and for which we are almost certain they would get a reversal of the Commission’s review under reference, because of the weight of documented evidence attached, and refusal of which would be grave injustice to the officers affected.

For the avoidance of doubt, there never was a time when the officers mentioned in the post ever met with the aim of collecting money to bribe anybody, neither was bribe solicited from them or some ‘thirty-three’ officers. They are sound and exceptional officers who have worked hard to earn any rank they have ever occupied, and whose records of service are available for scrutiny when the need arises.
We therefore urge the general public to disregard the post in its entirety as it is baseless and unfounded falsehood.

In conclusion, we challenge the ‘internet herdsmen’ Secret Reporters to produce evidence to substantiate the story and bribery accusation, and to prepare to tender such in court, as we have obtained legal Counsel to help unmask the faceless Secret Reporters, and thereafter institute legal action in court to redress this unwarranted and malicious violation of the integrity of the Chairman and our members.

For, and on behalf of the Clerks and Legislative officers Forum,



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