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We of the Great Ogboru media team are very keen on debating issues that will serve as compass for the electorate to wisely pick the next governor of the state .
It is on the strength of our conviction on issues driven campaign that we are according a response to the issue of temperament raised by the writer, which we accept as one of the determinant factors in the choice of who should earn the votes of the electorate as the governor of Delta State , even though the writer, Olomu Bright as a person ordinarily does not merit being dignified with a response from our team.

In scaling the temperament of Chief Great Ogboru vis a vis that of Dr Ifeanyi Okowa to find out who of the two has more leadership temperament , recourse has to be made to past events where the two candidates were challenged to a level where they maintained emotional balance and good judgement in the face of extreme provocations or travails.

In the senatorial contest of 2011 between Dr Ifeanyi Okowa and Hon Ned Nwoko, prior to the official declaration of the winner , while results were still being collated at INEC office, Asaba, Dr Ifeanyi Okowa sensing that the true figures emerging would lead to the emergence of Ned Nwoko as the senator elect, he showed the beast in him by holding the returning officer hostage at gun point, buoyed by heavily armed youths to reverse the figures and return him as the senator elect.
An urbane personality would have accepted the natural outcome of the election , but not so with Dr Ifeanyi Okowa who is plagued by personality disorder.

On the other hand, the clear mandate of the electorate expressed in several elections where Chief Great Ogboru was manifestly elected but was sabotaged and denied victory through compromised personnel of coordinating institutions did not provoke the least untoward reaction from Great Ogboru.

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And in all those brazen sabotages and conspiratorial denial, never once did Chief Great Ogboru lose his cool by taking measures not provided for by law and civilised culture to regain his stolen mandate.
Chief Great Ogboru has absolute faith in the judiciary where he had always taken the wrongs visited on him to for redress.

Chief Ogboru was quick at disavowing actions of overzealous followers to extreme provocations and rape on the collective will of our people as witnessed in the Clever Agbiji unofficial broadcast of victory in the 2003 governorship election.
The several injustices inflicted on Great Ogboru that he took in strides with equanimity are enough to provoke rage from average people not schooled in stoic philosophy which is the forte of sages only.

Dr Okowa has characteristically displayed crass intolerance and hubris in his dealings with people.
A tendency which made it difficult for him to work harmoniously as secretary to government with Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan as then governor of the state leading to the early dismissal of Dr Okowa as secretary.

For merely expressing himself within the sacrosanct laws of our land, the elected chairman of Uvwie Local Government Council , Hon Henry Baro was harassed, chased and forced out of office by Dr Okowa. A vindictive man who cannot tolerate the divergent views of subordinates like Okowa is not qualified for any leadership position.
The uncommon spirit of tolerance, forgiveness and calmness which Great Ogboru is endowed with is the reason why he accommodates without reservation those who participated heavily in the conspiracy to deny him the mandates expressed by the electorate in previous elections.
The ever loving, vivacious and forgiven Ogboru, believe that the errors of yesterday should not be a clog on his relationships with people.

But chief Great Ogboru is never shy of defending his principles and values, even when they are miles apart with those of persons he is engaging with, he rises above his personal disposition to appreciate whatever goodness that can be identified in those he is into disputation with over issues.

It is worthy mentioning that the disputation between Olorogun Otega Emerhor , Prof Utomi etc are normal disagreements expected in every ungagged association housing people of varied orientations and beliefs. Any democratic setting where there is no such disputation is worse than an authoritarian setting and cannot bring out the best in the individuals making up the group.
The goodnews is that the disputation is over, Olorogun Otega Emerhor and all within his former fold are now working with passion and faith to deliver president Muhammadu Buhari and other candidates fielded by APC in the 2019 general elections including Great Ogboru.
Even while the disputation was raging, Great Ogboru accorded Olorogun Otega Emerhor all the respect that was due him as an elder brother and foremost party leader in the state.

We have put before the public the events in the past that we could recall where the two leading candidates found themselves in tests of temperament.
You wont have difficulty judging from the above that our Great Ogboru has superlative temperament in comparison with Dr Okowa who by his showing is not fit for the least public office .

Cogent Owhe,
Member APC Campaign Council Media Team



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