Senator Omo-Agege

Those who wrongly characterised what is being orchestrated in Delta State APC by Olorogun Otega Emerhor and his minions as normal political maneuvering, would now agree with us who saw through the veil early enough and rightly branded their activities as satanic mischief aimed at destroying the party and her members in the state.For normal people , the achievement of one member of a clan is cherished and celebrated by every member of such clan .But not so with Olorogun Otega and his clan of fetish followers who celebrate misfortune of others whom they misjudge as being in a contest of superiority with their idol.

Don you think Olorogun Otega Emerhor a Leader?

When senator Ovie was embroiled in a disputation with the senate, it sparked a gale of excitement from the Otega camp, but its short life span led to an infantile frenzied reaction to a missed opportunity . Infact , they were still in a grumpy state when Senator Ovie Omo- Agege was made a member of the national convention committee of the party .The envy generated by the appointment provoked the scurrilous moves that led to the conscription of Olorogun Otega into the convention committee in the most bizzare manner.
Otega’s rabid sense of competition would cause him to push his loyalists to indulge in all form of unimginable smear antics to pull down any person who gain an inch above him in his imaginative race.
Therefore when we started reading the hallucinative reactions in the social media accusing the senator of boasting to use his new appointment as secretary to the sub committee on accreditation to deny Otega and his followers acceditation into the convention we could not but be amused at a rehash of an old trick for which they are so notorious for. To ingenuiosly elicit more support beyond the shores of Delta State, they also alleged that senator Agege vowed to use his position to fight his distinguished colleagues in the senate over a mere disputation which is a natural occurence in parliament.What a preposterous summation!
Any body familiar with the convention architecture will readily dismiss them as rabble rousers on a miscalculated satanic ploy, who deserve sympathy of the public over their pathological affliction.
It is important for those still embroiled in hate and bent on stoking the embers of animosity through deliberate falsehoods to desist from such evil machinations by espousing virtues that will add value to the political fortune of the party.
The party cannot go to the treasured national convention on a fractious ambience and hope to inspire Nigerians who look up to us to consolidate on our democratic gains from the new paradigms instituted by president Mohammadu Buhari into the governance of our great country.
Finally , note that distinguished , a statesman who is not bothered about sacrificing his comfort to defend democratic norms and values cannot indulge in boorish inanities.

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By :
Prince Christopher Akpojotor Agaga


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