Olorogun Great Ogboru
Olorogun Great Ogboru

The intention of the writer of the above piece in spinning and slanting the narrative in his write up is neither to educate nor inform the public but to simply vilfy the personality of Chief Great Ogboru with the vain object of diminishing his intimidating electoral value that has continued to soar high and high like a cruising eagle over the years.However, the jaundiced piece is testament to the awesome political profile of Chief Great Ogboru. Indeed, Great Ogboru is so invaluable politically in the state that no political grouping in the wide political swath can afford to ignore nor undermine him.It is therefore not surprising that so much tantrums are being directed at him by hirelings of political doyens within and outside All Progressives Congress the party Great Ogboru has chosen to present himself to the electorate in the forthcoming election.
Against the above preface, we shall now accord some factual response to the high points of the devious narrative to educate the writer and wean him from his warped summation.
Now on the allegation that chief Great Ogboru was behind the failed coup of 1990 , what else can be said that can be Weightier than the well considered verdict of super intelligent government officials who thoroughly and objectively investigated the matter before passing their exonerative judgement on Great Ogboru. Note that mere street gossip of an uninformed writer cannot assume any value higher than is consigned to faecal objects . It is not correct that Chief James Onanefe Ibori as the governor of Delta state organised a reception party for Great Ogboru in his personal capacity, but it was a gathering of Deltans from all the ethnic groups in the state who came together to accord Great Ogboru a celebratory welcome as an important son of the state.Thus till date, Deltans in their awesome numbers still coalesce around Great Ogboru to give them political direction. Chief Great Ogboru refused Ibori’s senatorial offer after a wide and extensive consultation with leaders across the three senatorial districts. Indeed, it was their encouragement that gave fillip to his political interest in the governorship of the state in a different platform from the sullied PDP. What better evidence do you need to surmise that Great Ogboru is not an opportunist who cringes for political influence than his rejection of a free offer from a sitting governor? Besides rejecting the offer , he also distanced himself from the PDP even when the party held the reins of the state and federal government because the programmes of PDP is not in sync with his vision for the state.
The personal price and deprivations which Great Ogboru has had to contend with since assuming the responsibility of leading liberation struggle in Delta state against the PDP dynasty is immesurable. And his sense of personal losses never insulated him against the losses of those who are with him in the struggle. The memory of such losses cannot be lost on a great leader like Chief Great Ogboru. Those who deserve to be canonised will get just that at the appropriate time.Nobody has been forgotten.
Most liberation struggles because of their long drawn tenor witness some people dropping out of exhaustion while others with the verve march on as long as the leader of the struggle is ready and willing to provide inspiration to sustain the struggle. For those who dropped out, they deserve the empathy of those who are strong enough to trudge on and will eventually be rewarded in accordance with their contribution. It is commendable that Great Ogboru has continued to provide steady and inspirational leadership in the face of stiff conspiracy and opposition. The goodnews is that more and more people continue to throng to the movement which is in an improved position to win elections no matter what traducers like the writer want the uninformed to believe.
Victory is as certain for All Progressives Congress with Chief Great Ogboru in the saddle. May i use this medium in commending all those who stood by Chief Great Ogboru at the beginning of the struggle and especially those whose abiding faith in the liberation mision and great vision is still fired up in their sustain support.

Long live APC
Long live the new Delta of our dream.

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Prince Christopher Akpojotor Agaga




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