All Progressives Congress is a party of progressives with a well thought and articulated manifesto to right  the many ills plaguing our nation and democratic architecture.
Arbitrariness with no regard for democratic tenents is one of the ills the party set out to  correct as unambiguosly captured in the party constitution. 
Therefore, a purported anointment of chief Great Ogboru by some faceless people which is whimsical is not in the playbook of the party and cannot be a statement of reality. The party primary open to all eligible aspirants will provide the platform for party members to elect candidates for all the offices including the governorship. 
The so called anointment is nothing but an inference of the writer from the resonance of the Ogboru brand in every senatorial division of the state, a testament to  the goodwill and acceptability of Chief Great Ogboru across party cleavages and ethnic boundaries.
It is very doubtful if Fejiro is an APC member or is of Urhobo descent as he portrayed. From his write up, he appears more of a PDP member engaged to do a yeoman’s job for his party by disguising  as an APC member. By labouring to bind APC with a questionable zoning arrangement of PDP with diametrically different values to that of APC which has been resoundingly rejected by the leadership of the party   from the highest level to the lowest level is indicative of where his soul is.
As an aside , let it not be lost on people like Fejiro that Chief Great Ogboru is not less Anioma than he is Urhobo because of paternal root. Professor Eric Opia who comtested the governorship race in 1992 , maternally Anioma is not  more Anioma than Chief Ogboru when he was projected by his maternal local to contest the governorship election. Although zoning has been rejected by the leadership of the party , its application couldn’t have denied Chief Ogboru eligibility. All that would have been required is his endorsement and sponsorship by Ukwani local Area where he is from maternally.
For majority of Deltans outside the few of Fejiro’s mindset, what matters is a candidate gifted with what it takes to liberate Delta State and govern well irrespective of  place of origin.
Chief Great Ogboru demonstrably has  courage, determination, vision and leadership sagacity. On account of the above , Deltans have faith in his ability to free the state from PDP and reset the governance of the state in the right trajectory.
It will pay Deltans to coalesce around Chief Ogboru to create the new  Delta of our dream where primordial sentiments holding us down from progress will not have a place.
I remain,
Prince Christopher Akpojotor Agaga.


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