RE.2023: Reduce Your Aspirants To One, Uduaghan Advises DC-23

Dr. Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan

Former Governor of Delta State, Dr. Emmanuel Ewetan Uduaghan a few days ago advised leaders and members of the Delta Central 2023 lobby group to reduce its number of governorship aspirants to one before the PDP primary election.

I have followed with keen interest the activities of DC23 in recent time and I must confess this is the most sincere advice that has ever been given to the group since its process of consultation.

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Two great virtue a group with such an enormous responsibility as this must possess to drive home this process is loyalty and courage. if you have them you are everything and peradventure you lack them you are nothing.

it is my utmost conviction that if you are speaking on behalf of a nation then you must have the courage to speak the truth and the wisdom to be loyal not only to the leadership of your party but every critical stakeholder in the state including the Governor of the state.

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The beauty of zoning along senatorial districts in Delta State cannot be overemphasised because of the numerous benefits, peace and mutual coexistence it has brought to the state. those that do not want it do not mean well for the peaceful coexistence of our people.

Thankfully, I have also observed that in the recent past the issue of the Governorship seat reverting to Delta central come 2023 have received a tremendous boost, commendation and support from critical stakeholders across every other senatorial district of Delta state because of its superior and logical disposition and I do not wish to dwell on that issue longer than necessary.

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My focus right now is that the Urhobo nation must have the courage to sit down and speak truth to power on which constituency should be given the exceptional privilege to produce the Governor come 2023.

Like I have always said and will continue to say, If Delta central based on rotation is advocating for equity and fairness come 2023, then it must also be a focal point of reference within the various constituencies that make up Delta central. anything short of this is sheer wickedness, humiliation, subjugation, domination and targeted injustice.

The quest for OSU Governor is predicated upon the fact that out of the 3 constituencies in Delta central, Ethiope and Ughelli federal constituency has produced the Governor of the state thrice, Equity demands that now that is coming back to Delta central the most appropriate thing to do is for the system to produce a Governor from OSU federal constituency, Only this will guarantee unity, peace and mutual understanding within the Urhobo nation.

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In the light of the advice given to DC23 by His Excellency. Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan, I urge the Urhobo nation to set up a special committee made up of men with proven integrity to look into the merits and demerits of various tendencies jostling for the number one seat within Delta central with a view of narrowing the position to a specific constituency for immediate recommendation to the leadership of the party for consideration.

It is however imperative to note that we must set aside our individual and political differences and unite in pursuit of a more equitable, united and better future for the Urhobo nation.

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As an Osu Agitator and National coordinator of the OSU Governorship movement (OGM). It is our right to make choices freely, including to express our thoughts, determine our future and also allowed us to govern our people. I believe that when these rights are consistently blocked by primordial interest then people are left with no option than to rethink the basis of our continued existence as a people.

I thank you all as we move to this phase and the most crucial aspect of our existence as a nation.

God bless the Urhobo nation
God bless Delta State.

My name is
Sanco Ese
Gods Pen of Intervention

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