Purported Probe of NDDC N40B : Ijaw Youths Group Pass Vote of no Confidence on NASS Leadership

professor Pondei Kemebradikumo

The leadership of the Ijaw Youths Must Move Forward IYMMF under comrade Navy T. Stephen wish to thank the Ag. Managing Director of the Interim Management Committee IMC for his determination in repositioning the Niger Delta Development Commission NDDC.

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We have no doubt in our mind that his assumption of office as the Ag. Managing Director of the sole Interventionist Agency in the Niger Delta region was a step to the right direction.There’s this pupolar saying that goes thus “BY THEIR FRUIT, WE SHALL KNOW THEM.”

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How many times did the ex-wise Ag. MD. of the Interim Management Committee IMC of NDDC came to the public to raise the alarm of the pressure she was in to pay unverified contracts? Instead of raising the alarm, she shameless betrayed the trust reposed on her by the people of Niger Delta and went ahead to do the biding of the conscienceless fellows who has mortgages the interest of the Niger Delta for their personal aggrandizement.

It’s indeed shameful, and we advise she look for somewhere and bury her face in shame and stop this her unnecessary noise she is making all over the print and social media.

It’s too late crying madam.

Having said the above, on behalf of the Ijaw Youths Must Move Forward IYMMF we call on the leadership of the National Assembly, the Distinguished Senator Dr. Lawan Ahmed. President of the National Assembly and Rt. Honorable Femi Gbajabiamila.

Speaker of the House of Representatives to with immediate effects abort their move to probe the IMC of the alleged N40BILION misappropriation of fund reason being that we/Nigerians are not comfortable with the timing of their investigative exercise of the Commission, the exercise per say was a good one, it’s indeed a laudable exercise, a welcome Development but the timing is not good enough, the timing is questionable.

It coincide with an already on going Forensic Audit exercise directed by the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the best we can describe the move is a calculated attempt, targeted at arms twisting the Audit exercise.

Further more, I wish to draw the attentions of the leadership of the NATIONAL ASSEMBLY to an allegation made by the Executive Director Project NDDC Interim Management Committee IMC Dr. Cairo Ojougboh in one of his Media appearance, and I quote

“We have discovered that a Senator from the Niger Delta region has 300 contracts in the NDDC and at the appropriate time, the identity of the Senator shall be revealed” end of quote.

Nigerians are not short memory people and this statement is still very fresh in our Mendiola oblangata, we can’t be fooled and cajole by the national Assembly, if there should be anything else to be investigated by the National Assembly, it should be on this weighty allegation of the IMC of the Niger Delta Development Commission on a yet to be disclose member of the National Assembly and not the contrary.

In another occasion, the Ag. MD of the Niger Delta Development Commission’s IMC Professor Pondi Kemebradikumo during a press briefing in Portharcourt alleged and I quote,

“ We discovered that after NDDC forwarded its budget to the national assembly committees on NDDC, what was sent back to the commission was no longer recognisable, the 2019 budget was classically over padded, with almost 500 new projects inserted to it when it was sent back to us.

We found out the budget appropriation was done in such a way that meaningful projects were allocated very little sums of money.

It is sad that the 2019 budget will expire on May 31st, 2020, no project executed in the region.

It was passed two months to the end of its implementation period etc.” NIGERIANS, with the above assertions who are the problem of the Niger Delta, is it the IMC or the National Assembly? Please be your own judge.

IYMMF make it bold to state here that, with all this indictments against the National Assembly Committee on NDDC, it’s now crystal clear to us and Nigerians at large that the National Assembly sincerely lacks the moral stance and perdure to investigate the IMC of the Niger Delta Development Commission for misappropriation of funds and we are passing a vote of no confidence on them and commend are as follows:

I. The leadership of the National Assembly should with immediate effect discontinue with their conceived N40bilion probe of the Niger Delta Development Commission’s IMC.

2. The leadership of the National Assembly as a matter of urgency set up an investigative Committee to probe the National Assembly’s Committee on NDDC on the allegations leveled against them by the IMC of the NDDC.

The exercise is suspicious, it may be termed as an attempt to sabotaging the Audit exercise.

And if need be, we strongly advise that the National Assembly’s N40BILION probe should come up in a later date when the Forensic Audit exercise must have been completed.

At this juncture, we want to thank all those in the Niger Delta region who has been in the forefront genuinely in the fight against corruption, illegality, financial recklessness and malpractices at the NDDC for the time past and we wish to add here that there’s a serious need we gave a break for the IMC of the NDDC to continue with the on going Audit exercise, I believe the Auditing firm is an independent Audit firm separate from the Niger Delta Development Commission and to maintain the reputation and the goodwill they enjoyed in the past that has earned them this humble exercise will no doubt compromise the Audit process and will be able to give a true and fair view of the activities of the Commission for the period in view.

If there’s anything you have, observe that is going contrary in the Commission’s as against Mr. Presidents mandate of the IMC, get the detail information and securely save it somewhere and if at the end of the Audit exercise you are not convinced and certified with the out come, you will be at liberty to take any legal litigation against the IMC for a betrayal of trust because I see the moves/Call by some of us as being too presumptuous in calling for the head of the John de Baptist.

We once again wish to call on all well-meaning Sons and daughters of the Niger Delta to give the IMC of the NDDC the necessary supports needed to achieving a hitch free audit exercise whom I believe will lead to a total Development in the region.

We must collectively rise to protect the commission and we must not allow ourselves to be fooled by some mischievous privileged few through the instrumentality of the National Assembly.

Thanks and God bless Federal Republic of NIGERIA.

God bless Niger Delta Development Commission and.

God bless Ijaw Youths Must Move Forward.

Comrade Navy T. Stephen.


Comrade John E.

Publicity Secretary.



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