It is unbecoming of “prophet” Jones Erhue to hold brief for his media assistant, Mr. Billy Egbe by denying his call for to resign and hand over to Osinbajo. Mr. Billy Egbe’s call for president Buhari to step aside because of incompetence was publicly made. It is there right now on Buhari Vendors Delta, a social media group for all to see. I’m also a member of this group and what was exposed by your assistant as your anti party and anti Buhari tendencies is factual and can be verified.

Therefore, I find it extremely uncharitable for you to not only deny same, but to go further to attack innocent party leaders like Ogboru. During all the raging arguments about the reckless tirade against our own party, you stood in approval of the action of your media aid. I expected you to call your media aid to order and direct him to withdraw the claims since he’s the man who speaks for you. You had between Friday, 13th and Sunday,15th of October, to reign in your flippant media man. But no, you were enjoying the show because it aligns perfectly with your discussions with Okowa and PDP because no one is doubt about your relationship with Okowa. Remember how much he gave to you last December. Could your desire for more from him (Okowa) as we draw close to Xmas,  be the reason for this embarrassment? It is no secret that you dine and wine with Okowa at night and quarrel with him in the day. You are deceiving yourself.

Has your media assistant denied the statement? Did you, who is currently the chairman of our party and his paymaster deny the statement? No! So I must stand up in defense of the truth as a witness of what transpired on the 13th of October on Buhari Vendors Delta.

The fact that you’re our chairman today doesn’t make you the owner of APC in Delta State. The party belongs to all of us. And the fact that you didn’t denounce the statement for two days or sack your spokesman if the assertions he expressed are not in tandem with your views,  shows that in actuality, Billy Egbe spoke for you. Whereas you responded in less than one hour to the alarm raised clearly proves that you know what you are doing. Therefore, this eleventh hour disclaimer seems to me an afterthought, designed to save face. Please come clean to deny the release credited to you instead of attacking Ogboru.

What has Ogboru got to do with the anti Buhari and anti APC statements released on your behalf by your media assistant,  which is glaring unpleasantly at everybody on the social media, even as we speak? This is just an eloquent case of distraction by shifting attention from you to imagined adversary. Is Ogboru the owner of the social media platform? Is he the employer of Mr. Billy Egbe. You are a member of the group and you stood aloof while your assistant accuse our amiable president of incompetence. Summon the courage to disown the unwarranted claims because attacking Ogboru would not help. Anyway, I leave Ogboru’s media men who are up to the task to take charge in this regard.

Finally, I enjoin other members of Buhari Vendors Delta, who also witnessed this show of shame to speak up courageously and resist the attempt to attack the innocent unjustly.

Franklyn O. Okukponor,
APC Delta State.



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