Ladies and gentlemen good evening,I know that the good people of the Delta State APC has since this afternoon been so anxious to hear from me about the non inuaguration of the fake or O’tega Emerhor’s must be sworn in State Chairman today.

The truth is that my mind was initially placed in a state of absolute confusion on the real reasons behind the various acts of gangsterism being displayed by the out-going National Chairman of our great party (i.e THE APC) since it became cleared to him that the glory of Israel had left him.But after pondering through all that happened in the political inner chamber of Chief John Oyegun since yesterday and through to about 12noon today and the hidden show of show of shame displayed by Olorogun O’tega Emerhor when he went down on his knees begging Oyegun to atleast for the last time in his last lap as the National Chairman of the APC grant him the opportunity to allow Cyril Ogodo into the inuaguration hall to camouflage as one of the party’s accepted Chairmen to be swo have decided to inform officially everybody that the so called inuaguration of the Delta State APC Chairman as one of those sworn in today is fake and should be considered as “BABA IJEBU GAME ” used by the duo of Oyegun and O’tega to as usual play over the intelligence of people which in effect is a sad story to tell.This is really unfortunate and infact should be seen and and refered to as an advanced BABA IJEBU POLITICS.

Sadly, it’s so painful that this old man can be remote controlled to alter his own political history negatively,even up to the extent of not minding the resultant effects of all his current actions and inactions.This is a very pathetic stage in the life of this once respected man called Chief John Oyegun.

Furthermore,is when I saw the pictures taken in the premises of the Party National Secretariat show the the suffering and smiling faces of the unfortunate persons who were manipulated to waste their time and money to travel to Abuja purposely to grace such occasion which I can now call or refer to as ” CEREMONI DE` FOOLISHOO~.

Therefore,I with joy in my heart buy the various daily news papers (i.e the paper),of tomorrow and read through carefully to see where the out-going National Chairman during his inuagural speech made the firm statement of concern which is; ” Noting the need for reconciliation in states like Rivers,Taraba,Oyo,Delta,Lagos and others,he said he will setup a committee headed by the Deputy National Chairman (North) Lawali Shuaibu to study the situations in such states for possible actions.
There is serious need for quick reconciliation especially in Rivers,Taraba,Oyo,Delta,Lagos and others.Let the Chairmen here wait and should not inuagurate their executives like the others until the issues with the congresses in such states are resolved “.

So from the above,it is clear that the Delta State Chairman was practically not sworn in today but seen to have attended the ceremony.
Finally,I would love to advise everybody to be calm for the Egyptians you are seeing today,you will see them no more.Inaddition,I remember to keep faith with God for his chosen son(Prophet Jones Erhue) is fully ready to take us all to the promise.May the Almighty God protect our efforts and bless our God’s anointed State Chairman (Prophet Jones Erhue) in Jesus name.

I remain,

Prince Christopher Akpojotor Agaga.

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