Prophecy for 2021 ( All 2021 Prophency )

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Prophecy for 2021

The Publicity Secretary of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria and founder of Christian Central Chapel International, Calabar, Bishop Emmah Isong, has said that the West will have their say, while the Igbos will have their way.

This was part of the prophecy he released in his church in Calabar during the Crossover service on December 31, 2020.

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Excerpts of the prophecy:

Don’t be afraid, for the God who protected you in 2020 shall keep you in 2021, only avoid bitterness and unforgiveness, don’t carry anybody in your heart, let old things pass over.


There shall be enforcement of safety regulations across the nation, even helmet, safety belt.Major gang leaders will receive amnesty because they ill confess and seek forgiveness, they will repent and will be received back to the society because of the several prayers of the saints to sanitize this country of insecurity.




Crime will move from car snatching to bag snatching, be careful of how you carry big bags that contain nothing on the road.


One of the businesses of the year that will bring money shall be photography, graphic designs, and makeup artists, they will be the latest millionaires in town, mark my words.



Despite the tough economy. There will be a major technological breakthrough, a major technological breakthrough shall be unveiled including inventions of model cars even in Nigeria.


Buy garri and keep. This prophecy look funny but wen it comes to pass you will cry, buy garri and keep. Though agriculture shall be boosted, there will be scarcity of some basic products which will include garri but after that the federal government will intervene and farmers will rejoice.



Pray for Biden of the United States of America, I see his name and photograph all over the tabloids in the world, magazines and online, you will hear his story in the next few days, it will shock the world. Doors will open for Nigerians in America, Nigerians will have access to international relationships in America, America will look for Nigerians.


Pray for Pastor Ize Iyamu of Edo State, his case is not yet over, he shall be in the news again.




In 2021, some major so-called apostles and men of God making noise like noisy cymbals who are not called of God shall fall into oblivion and be exposed and in the same vein some men of God who are genuine and whom God has highly called but were persecuted, God shall vindicate them and they will rise from obscurity.


The West of Nigeria shall have their say but the Igbos of the East shall have their way.


Pray against political confusion in Namibia, it will call for international intervention, despite government releasing some of their special forces, pray that blood will not spill into neighbouring countries.


More stringent visa policies on Nigerian politicians and it will affect the innocent among them.


Tithers, givers and supporters of the gospel of the kingdom, God says I shall not withhold any God thing from you, Psalm 84:11.


In 2021, be generous but be prayerful and watchful, many shall come as a witness but they will become like a trap, the Lord says I will delver you and show you my salvation.


There shall be an attempt to change a certain capital city of a Nigerian State but people will resist it amidst heavy criticism.


A new link shall burst open by the Nigerian security network due to high technological intelligence gathering and it will be a great news for the Nigerian security system.


Pray for Gombe state, terrorists will be discovered in Gombe who have been hiding in the forests. Their hiding haven shall be revealed, they will be exposed in the name of Jesus.


Pray for a certain first lady in Nigeria, that she shall not mourn any family member, one of the parents in 2021.


Much attention shall be given to the disabled in 2021, on the physically challenged persons in the society. If you have an NGO, good wisdom demands you direct it to the disabled and before the end of the year you will reach your jackpot.


Football lovers, the greatest miss in the history of football, in any national tournament, a national team is seen throwing away the ball in a very serious tournament, I hear them shout over the bar, maybe it was a penalty.


There shall be some good news in the electricity sector, electricity tariffs shall experience a review, though not without mass protests and they will restore service, the new EndSARS will be on NEPA.


Heavy landfall in the middle of the year leading to several housing collapse, some of you who want to lay foundation of your building, make it solid so that the biblical wind and rain do not pull down your house.


Food vendors and outdoor businesses will continue to boom in 2021, he that has ears let him hear, stop wearing white collar and tie, do business and you will be blessed.


Despite challenges of the past year of 2020, the Lord says make 2021 a year of your thanksgiving to God for the Lord shall perfect and complete every uncompleted thing in your life.


I see miracle new born babies for many of you who have been waiting, praying and fasting and all the blessings the enemy has held back in yesteryears shall be released in 2021.


Bad news for rapists, they will be publicly condemned and disgraced even by international media, many voices across the world will speak against rapists.


There will continue to be increase in financial fraud, be careful of financial transactions before you transact, confirm and be double sure before any financial transaction, the heart of men is becoming desperately wicked and the love of money has led many to evil.


Channels Television will continue to be high in professional performance but they will go through a season of serious persecution in 2021, pray for them.


Serious scandal will rock the Nigerian sport administration culminating into open fight even in the football field.


Nigerian football association viz a viz our sports administrators will suffer series of greed and sports manhandling that means in summary Nigeria got talent but lack integrity.


Pray against serous shakings in the homes of top politicians and celebrities, many marriages of top politicians and celebrities will be openly shaken in 2021 but only those who know Jesus shall wax strong against it


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