Price Of Keke To Crash As Innoson Motors Rolls Out Local Brands

Innoson motors Keke: Price Of Tricycle To Crash As Innoson Rolls Out Local Brands

will crash market Price 

Innoson Vehicles Manufacturing, a Nigerian car manufacturer, has launched tricycles known as Keke NAPEP in the Nigerian market.

The price of Tricycle, which is currently between N750,000 and N900,000, is expected to plummet, with the company possibly selling for N500,000.

The ones that are in good condition cost around N500,000.

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The manufacturer announced in April that it had purchased 150,000 square metres of land in Owerri, Imo State, for a new plant, and that construction is underway.

Mr Cornel Osigwe, Head of Corporate Communications for the Innoson Group, revealed that the company already serves five African countries, including Sierra Leone, Mali, Congo, and Côte d’Ivoire.

When the new project is finished, the manufacturer expects to increase production capacity to 60,000 cars per year.


Innoson Tricycle will sold for N500,000



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