President Buhari Unhappy with VP Osinbajo Over 2023, May Sack Top Aide This week

President Buhari ,Executive Order 10

President Buhari is unhappy with VP Osinbajo over 2023 distractions,  may sack Ojodu. 

Following a growing trend of support for his presidential bid in 2023, warned his supporters on Monday not to divert his attention away from his vice-presidential responsibilities.

President Buhari’s expressed reservations about Osinbajo’s distractions from his statutory responsibilities prompted him to address supporters and loyalists on Monday and sternly call them to order.

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According to a reliable Villa source who spoke to OpenLife late Monday night, the President’s Chief of Staff called the Vice President and offered him “unofficial” brotherly advice to help him avoid distractions from his presidential ambitions.

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President Buhari, according to reports, is not opposed to the Vice President’s ambition, but is unhappy with the distractions that come with it.


According to the source, Osinbajo was given options to consider in order to further his ambition.

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Senator Ojodu Femi, an aide to Osinbajo who has been the arrowhead of the campaign group and has “become an embarrassment to the Presidency,”


According to reports, Osibanjo was reminded that no presidential aide in the Villa has caused as many 2023 distractions as Ojodu, an attitude that the Presidency despises.


“Ojodu could be fired this week.” The Vice President is unconcerned about the President’s behavior. The only concern is that he should have called them to order sooner, especially Ojodu,” according to an OpenLife source.

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However, the Vice President has promised to meet with the President about the matter.


But, as a first step, he had to officially caution his supporters on Monday through his media assistant, Laolu Akande, saying:


“Any information on the Vice President’s activities and actions will come directly from his office, not from press speculation.”


It was unclear at the time of publication whether Osinbajo was referring to the President.



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