Presidency Reacts To Obi’s Accusation Of ‘Silent Arrests’ Of Obidients

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The federal Government has responded to Peter Obi, Labour Party Presidential Candidate and his claims that Obidients are silently arrested 

The presidency has stated that allegations made on social media by Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi that some of his supporters, referred to as “Obidients,” had been “silently arrested,” are unfounded and untrue.

Under the condition of anonymity, a State House source who spoke to Ejes Gist Newspaper claimed that the Department of State Services (DSS) and the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) had both formally certified that no such arrests of any kind had taken place.

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The source claims that none of Obidients supporters have been “silently arrested” or, for that matter, “openly arrested.”

According to the source, Nigeria’s political process is free and fair, and all candidates, whether they are affiliated with major parties or smaller ones, have a fundamental constitutional right to freely and unhinderedly conduct their campaigns.

“Anyone who violates the law must be held accountable for their conduct, regardless of whether they support the government party or the opposition.

Should governing party supporters who defame an opposition person not also be held accountable if, for example, supporters of opposition parties cause damage to private property during a campaign, march, or rally? Naturally, they ought to all.

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“What is known, however, is that on September 30, one Joseph Chimezie ONUORAH, passport number A12553760, landed in Nigeria on board Air France. He was a member of the Labour Party and was granted bail by the party’s chairman in Lagos State.

He was detained by the Nigerian Immigration Service at the E wing of MMIA Lagos at about 22.30 hours on the orders of the Lagos State Police Inquiry Bureau for an investigation that concerned him.

According to the source, politicians from all political parties have a responsibility to uphold norms in public discourse and refrain from making claims or charges that could incite unrest and increase the likelihood of violent behavior.

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“Accusations that people have been “silently arrested” is an example of a statement made by a politician without any recognized basis with the sole goal of escalating this election struggle, and no one, really, knows what that description is supposed to mean.

The source remarked, “That cannot be healthy for democracy, which feeds on facts and thought, not on fabrications and fiction.

That is the latest NewsOnline Today on Obidients silently arrested 



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