Hon. Benjamin Okezie Kalu representing Bende Federal Constituency of Abia State  said the South-East deserved to produce President in 2023.

Hon. Benjamin Okezie Kalu
Hon. Benjamin Okezie Kalu

Hon. Kalu who is also the Chairman, Committee on Media and Public Affairs for House of Reps in an interview with The Telegraph, noted that although, the Igbo deserved to be supported in 2023 to produce President but it does not denied the fact that Presidency is not a birthrights but politics.

“Politicians will always strategise to fit into the political equation that favours their political interest. As long as it does not affect the delivery of the expectations of the electorate who voted them into power, I have nothing against it”, Hon. Kalu replied when asked if it’s too early for politicians to jostle positions for 2023.

According to him, asking if South East have genuine claims to the Presidency in 2023 is as offensive as asking one of the sons of a great man, if he thinks he is entitled to his father’s throne and inheritance when the others have had a share.

“Wondering if your question on whether the South-East has a genuine claim to the presidency was a mere rhetorical question. Because asking me that, is as offensive as asking one of the sons of a great man, if he thinks he is entitled to his father’s throne and inheritance when the others have had a share; unless you are indirectly questioning his paternity.

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“Are you aware of anything cogent enough to disqualify the people of the South-East from aspiring to lead this nation? If you know please tell me. What else is more genuine than the fact that the South-East has supported other regions to occupy that position and have patiently waited for it to go round in turns? National peace and unity found in cohesion is enhanced when every tribe and tongue is given the sense of belonging they desire and deserves.

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“Beyond this, it is politics, not traditional birthrights, it is never given, it is taken. The South-East should stop swimming against the tide in the bid to show strength. We are stronger when we partner to build bonds and confidence than when we show the strength of individuality. There is wisdom in aligning properly and timely too. We can’t deliver the dream alone; we need a strong partnership with the rest of the regions.

“We must believe in ourselves, celebrate one another and at the right time agree to find leadership just in one who may not be the very best but has the ability to deliver on our expectations. The Igbo enweghi eze (the Igbo nation has no king) ancient philosophy has to give way because my generation is in search of true leadership found in selflessness and patriotism to Nigeria, not just the Igbo nation



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