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Pray for Buhari, another African President will Die – Primate Ayodele

More African presidents will die, according to INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church Primate Elijah Ayodele.


The cleric was referring to the deaths of Chadian Idriss Derby and Tanzanian John Magufuli within two months of each other.

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In a message on Tuesday, Primate Ayodele said he had seen several African presidents fall, and he asked for prayers for Nigerian President Muhammadu .


‘‘African Presidents have taken God for granted and do not heed God’s warnings. As I previously said, there are prophets in this world, and God can send prophets to anyone. It is your responsibility to listen and do what God requires, even if it means resigning from power or taking the right decision.

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“We have a lot of presidents who have spent years in office denying people what they need from them as leaders; death will deal with these people if they don’t resign soon. This is a warning to all African leaders who are not doing the right thing, deceiving people, and promoting corruption: they will face serious problems in the near future.


“Africa is one of the strongest continents in the world, but we have people who have mismanaged Africa; there will be another death of a sitting president soon, apart from former presidents who will come back, because God is angry with so many of them.


“There would be ethnic tensions and internal crises in Ghana. In Nigeria, we must pray for God’s guidance and security for our president.

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“In Nigeria, God’s wrath will begin to fall on those who have pushed our country backwards; let them wait for God’s wrath.”


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