Poverty, Not Corruption is Nigeria’s Greatest Problem


A report in the last edition of THISDAY, The Sunday Newspaper, put paid to the boastful rhetoric of the Buhari on the success of its anti-corruption war.
The front page story, quoting a recent report on corruption authored by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace’s Matthew T. Page indicated that, in spite of all the posturing of members of the ruling All Progressives Congress, there is very little difference between it and the Peoples Democratic Party, the one believed to wear the crown of malfeasance.
The report entitled, “A new taxonomy for corruption in Nigeria,” was quoted to have offered as follows: “Kleptocratic capture of political party structures is a sine qua non of gaining power and thereby unlocking corruption opportunities across a range of other sectors. Little distinguishes Nigeria’s two main political parties in this regard. Both are constellations of fluid national, state, local elite networks. Both are almost identically structured non-ideological organisations. Both rely on misappropriated public funds to finance elections campaigns. Neither values internal party democracy, allowing money and high-level interference to corrupt candidate selection processes.”
It diagnosed further that: “… Corruption in Nigeria runs the gamut from the jaw-dropping, to the creative, to the mundane. It encompasses the oil minister who diverted billions of petro-dollars in just a few years. It includes the local official who claimed a snake slithered into her office and gobbled up $100,000 in cash. And it involves the cop shaking down motorists for 25 cents apiece at makeshift checkpoints.”

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