BREAKING: Popular President Impeached For Violating Constitution



The Albanian parliament has impeached President for breaking the country’s .

Albanian President Ilir Meta impeached for violating constitution
Ilir Meta

On Wednesday, June 9, the parliament voted 104-7 to discharge the president, with three abstentions. Within three months, Albania’s Constitutional Court will issue its final permission.

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Meta had broken the constitution with his prejudiced approach against the ruling Socialists during the parliamentary election campaign on April 25, according to a report based on a parliamentary investigation. According to the findings, Meta broke 16 rules and incited violence.

In his statement before the vote, Prime Minister Edi Rama said, “Ilir Meta has abandoned the mission of the president of… Albania.” “The constitution has been degraded by Ilir Meta.”

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Meta has slammed the probe and attempted impeachment, claiming they are both illegal.


Tedi Blushi, his spokesman, called the decision “unconstitutional and ludicrous” and blamed it on “the parliamentary garbage dump.”


Meta is “more committed than ever to safeguard Albania’s sovereignty and integrity,” Blushi stated on his Facebook page.


Mr Meta has been charged with instigating violence and violating the country’s constitution.

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