Popular Actress, Ada Ameh Says She Is No Longer Afraid Of Death, Explains Why


Ada Ameh


Ada Ameh, a Nollywood actress, has slammed celebrities who flaunt their relationships on social media. The Domitila actress believes that keeping a relationship as private as possible is preferable.

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“We emulate people who don’t have values,” she said in an interview with Sunday Scoop. When one’s relationship is kept as private as possible, it is better and more beautiful. Being a public figure does not imply that what happens in one’s bedroom should be shared. Even those who are doing it are aware that they are making a mistake. It’s not a part of our way of life.”

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“Nigerians are entitled people,” Ameh said when asked if she thinks Nigerians expect too much from celebrities.

I grew up in Ajegunle (Lagos State), where we believe in the principle of ‘one for all, all for one.’ If one has, one tells their friends and acquaintances about it. That’s where I learned how to love in a practical way. In Nigeria, if you work, people treat you as if you owe them something. ‘Madam, we buy your CDs,’ someone once told me, and I replied that I work for it.

They compensated me for my work. This generation has no respect for the elders. Their prices are far too low. They are too materialistic; money is all they care about. They’d rather not work or suffer.”

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“There was panic everywhere, but we are being comforted by the word of God,” Ameh said of how she fared during the COVID-19 pandemic’s declared lockdown. The worst-case scenario is that we will perish. Until I lost some of my siblings, I was terrified of death.

The one I went through two years ago shook my life to its core. There is no longer any fear of dying. If one’s relationship with God is broken, one will be afraid of dying. During the lockdown, the thing I enjoyed the most was deepening my relationship with God.

“Also, whether we like it or not, we all seem to agree that everyone needs a side hustle.” Nigerian entertainers are frequently mistaken for their Hollywood counterparts. One misses it the moment one begins to compare them. They aren’t interchangeable.”

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