Pope Francis: Russia’s war in Ukraine is a ‘senseless massacre.’

Pope Francis condemned Russia's attacks on Ukraine and said, “It is a senseless massacre where every day slaughters and atrocities are being repeated.”

Pope Francis

Pope Francis called the war in Ukraine “a senseless massacre, where havoc and atrocities are repeated every day,” in his weekly Sunday address and blessing.

After his Angelus Prayer, the head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis addressed the crowd in St Peter’s Square. “I beg all the actors of the international community to make a real effort to put an end to this repugnant war.”

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“This week, missiles and bombs hit civilians, the elderly, children and pregnant mothers,” Pope Francis said, adding he visited injured children treated in Rome. “One of them is missing an arm, another one wounded in the head, innocent children,” the Pope said.

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“Let us stay close to this battered people, embrace them with affection and with concrete commitment and prayer, and please do not get used to war and violence,” he added.

On March 25, the day of the Christian Annunciation, Pope Francis invited “every faithful and every community” to join him in “carrying out a solemn act of consecration of humanity, especially of Russia and Ukraine.”

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“All of this is inhumane, if not sacrilegious, because it violates the sacredness of human life.” “It is cruel, inhumane, and sacrilegious, especially against defenceless human life, which must be respected and protected, not eliminated, and which comes before any strategy,” he concluded.

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